04 January 2017, Ratingen, Germany (3686 signs)

What does an environmentally-sound power generation depend on? It depends on a reliable flue gas desulphurisation (FGD) system that reduces emissions. Consequently, a state-of-the-art FGD facility must feature full compliance with the most stringent emissions standards. With this in mind, the German energy generation specialist Doosan Lentjes is proud to announce that its Circoclean® dry FGD plant provided in cooperation with main contractor Elsaco Electronic SRL for the power station in Iasi, Romania, has successfully passed its performance test – a critical factor for proving compliance with all guaranteed values.

“The performance test has verified that our FGD plant removes more than 97%  of sulphur dioxide (SO2) from the power plant’s flue gas released during the combustion process”, says Peter Esser, Doosan Lentjes’ Project Manager at Iasi. “These high removal efficiencies help to achieve SO2values that are far below EU regulations of 200mg SO2 /Nm³ and ensure an ongoing plant operation – a milestone to contribute to a sustainable and reliable energy generation for Romanian citizens and their economy in the long run”, he adds.

The fruitful collaboration between local main contractor Elsaco Electronic SRL and Doosan Lentjes resulted in a reliable project execution and compliance with all scheduled targets.

Doosan Lentjes’ provision of its proven Circoclean® dry FGD technology at the Iasi lignite-fired power plant included engineering, as well as, the supply of key FGD equipment such as the reactor, fabric filter and booster fan along with associated technical support.

Doosan Lentjes is a specialist in the delivery of proven and reliable air pollution control technologies, helping customers across the global utility, municipality and industrial sectors to achieve cleaner and greener power generation.





About Doosan Lentjes


Doosan Lentjes is a global provider of processes and technologies for energy production from renewable and fossil fuels. Our specific areas of expertise include circulating fluidised bed boilers, key technologies for the generation of energy from waste, and flue gas cleaning systems. We have been pioneering energy solutions for 90 years and convert millions of tonnes of waste into valuable energy every year.


Doosan Lentjes is part of a powerful combination of companies united under the Doosan Group to deliver complementary technologies, skills and value to customers the world over.



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About Elsaco Electronic SRL


Elsaco Electronic is part of Elsaco Group of companies, a well-known provider in Romania of energy efficiency solutions, systems and technologies for utility industries – power & heat, water & wastewater, and for IT&C applications industry. Specific areas of expertise include design, construction and implementation of cogeneration power plants, district heating systems & networks, water & wastewater treatment stations, water & sewerage networks, DCS systems, MDM software – Elsaco EMMSYS, local and regional SCADA systems.


Elsaco Electronic counts 22 years of business experience, reaching 158 million euro global turnover in 2015 with about 500 employees at group level.


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Andreea Govna

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Elsaco Electronic

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