Atlanta, GA/USA, April 2011

Clyde Bergemann Power Group Americas headquartered in Atlanta/GA has been awarded a contract to supply both the engineering and equipment to convert the existing wet bottom ash removal system of Seminole Electric’s two 650 MW coal fired units located in Palatka, Florida to a dry system utilizing its DRYCON™ technology. The contract will be executed by Clyde Bergemann Delta Ducon (CBDD), the Group’s business unit for ash handling with the turnkey installation performed by our strategic alliance partner, Roberts and Schaefer.

The DRYCON™ dry bottom ash systems will replace the plant’s existing wet systems and will reduce maintenance costs and allow the sale of the ash. Seminole’s selection of the DRYCON™ system was centered on its maintenance friendly and robust design as well as its ability to improve the plant’s heat rate through a significant reduction of LOI. Included in Clyde Bergemann’s project scope is the design, supply, delivery and commissioning of two (2) complete dry bottom ash conveying DRYCON™ systems, including ash hoppers and jaw crushers.

This award marks the first utilization of the DRYCON™ technology in North America and is a milestone for Clyde Bergemann Power Group. It is also the first conversion of a wet to a completely dry bottom ash system in almost twenty years in North America. With ever increasing environmental concerns over ash ponds and the desire of utilities to reduce water usage at their plants and enable sale of the ash this type of equipment is expected to be in higher demand over the next few years.

Clyde Bergemann Americas sales team worked very closely with the plant throughout the entire sales process to provide an optimum solution. The contract was awarded in March 2011 and the installation of the equipment is scheduled during a normal boiler outage in spring and fall of 2012.

Ron Tempesta, President of CBDD, comments: “We were pleased to be selected after a detailed evaluation process by Seminole and its engineering firm as the best dry bottom ash technology. This award is a major accomplishment for CBPG to demonstrate our capabilities to the North American utilities.”

Picture Clyde Bergemann, No. 1:
Clyde Bergemann’s DRYCON™ dry bottom ash conveying system installed at a coal fired boiler

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Clyde Bergemann Power Group:
The Clyde Bergemann Power Group is a global acting enterprise supplying systems and solutions for the energy services market.
The Clyde Bergemann Power Group is world market leading in several business fields and is mainly active in the following areas:
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Used in fossil fired plants, the technology of Clyde Bergemann makes an important contribution for an optimised, more efficient and low-emission operation and therewith supports clean energy generation.