pH-Measuring App

California-based Sensorex has developed an industry-first mobile accessory for pH measurements. Compatible with Apple iPod, iPhone, and iPad devices, the PH-1 pH meter accessory measures and records pH values in the lab or field for use in environmental, education, and industrial applications. The patent-pending PH-1 accessory plugs into the standard Apple dock connector and uses a Sensorex pH electrode to measure pH with accuracy to.01 pH.

The free Sensorex app displays pH, millivolts, ambient temperature, and solution temperature in real time. The CE-marked device supports 1, 2, 3, or more calibration points and sends readings by email for later analysis. When used with a GPS-enabled device, the pH meter app will record measurements with timestamp and geographic coordinates, eliminating transcription errors and improving efficiency. Powered by the Apple device, the PH-1 requires no supplemental energy source. Its pH measurement range is 0 to 14 pH, and it operates in ambient temperatures of 0 to 40C, in solutions of 0 to 100C. Data history can be grouped by date or location and exported individually or in.csv format via email. (

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