MANAGING POWER Direct [July 18, 2012]

A Call for Visionary Leadership in Energy

Along with the global economy, there are significant signs indicating how radically the energy business has changed in the past few years.

Cyber Threats to SCADA Systems Are Real

Some of the ripest targets for cyber soldiers and techno-terrorists are bland, non-descript boxes sitting inside electric utility generating, transmission, and distribution systems, controlling many of the operations of the utilities. The computer technology, once state-of-the-art, is decades old, and that’s part of the problem.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, and Blather

We are hot and heavy into election season, and there is a lot of buzz about “jobs.” We hear about job-killing regulations (mostly from Republicans) and the wonders of green…

Putting Clean Tech on a Path to Subsidy Independence

Is the clean energy technology sector doomed because federal spending is sharply dropping?

PwC: Big Demand Meets Tight Money in Power’s Future

As electric power utilities look ahead, they see the need for major financial investments, but also view a more difficult world in which to raise the needed funds for financing generation and transmission. That’s the conclusion of the 12th annual survey of global power and utility firms by PwC.

Securitizing Renewable Energy Loans

Renewable energy sources have increasingly become a focal point of U.S. regulatory and financial institutions as well as trade associations and legislatures. One area of particular interest is programs that have been established by local and state governments to encourage homeowners to become more energy efficient through the use of Property Assessed Clean Energy (“PACE”) loans.

The Leadership Dilemma

When did the term “management” change from a corporate organizational level to be achieved to a leadership model that must be mastered?

Uranium and Nuclear Fuel: No Bottlenecks Ahead

In addition to low prices for coal and natural gas, prices for uranium oxide are also gently falling. New supplies of uranium and enriched fuel should keep nuclear fuel prices stable for years to come.

Workplace Drama: Why Behavioral Change Does Not Work

Do you communicate to manipulate or to change behavior?

TREND: U.S., Energy Exporter

The U.S. has been blessed with enormous quantities of natural resources yet has long been a net energy importer. The shift from global purchaser to global supplier of fossil fuels is accelerating.