GAS POWER Direct [March 4, 2013]

Air Quality Impacts from Natural Gas Extraction and Combustion

EPRI performed a review of air quality issues related to natural gas extraction and combustion in 2011–2012. This review focused on both traditional pollutants (such as particulate matter and volatile organic compounds) and emerging air pollutants (such as ultrafine particle number) that are being considered in air quality management processes. This article summarizes the major topics and conclusions from this review.

Creating a Sustainable Energy System Through Gas and Electric Harmonization

The increasing importance of natural gas in the nation’s generation mix has brought a number of reliability concerns to the forefront. Though regional and federal regulators are beginning to address the issues involved in harmonizing the natural gas and electric power sectors, a number of roadblocks remain to be removed.

FERC’s Market Transparency Push: A Solution in Search of a Problem

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has recently launched a multi-front effort to combat market manipulation. But its proposal to require expanded reporting of interstate wholesale natural gas transaction threatens to distort the market and ultimately do far more harm than good.

Gas Power Fights Uphill Battle in China

Soon to become the world’s largest electricity market, China is also looking to ease its reliance on coal by shifting toward renewables and natural gas. But an array of roadblocks stand in the way of gas becoming a major element of the mix. 

The Effect of Shale Gas on Power Generation in New England

Generators in New England were burned in the 2000s when a fleet of new gas turbine plants couldn’t compete because of high fuel prices. But what goes around comes around, and these same plants are now pushing out oil and coal thanks to cheap shale gas and favorable regulations. 

Why We Need to Be Cautious in the Shift to Gas

There’s a lot to like about gas-fired power: Abundant fuel supplies, lower emissions, higher efficiencies. But in the rush to seize these advantages, the U.S. may risk overcommitting to a single generation resource—one with a long history of price volatility.

With the Gas, the Flow of Fracking Litigation Continues

Few industrial innovations are free of litigation, and fracking is no exception. In this update from last year’s review of litigation trends, favorable early results for explorers and developers suggest cautious optimism may be in order for the natural gas industry.