Dust Suppression for Slag or Ash Handling

The new DustBoss from Dust Control Technology DB-M is designed for applications in which a fan-driven mist could generate undesirable turbulence and is well-suited to operating conditions involving very fine dust particles, including slag dust or fly ash. The unit generates an umbrella-shaped cloud of atomized droplets averaging 50 to 200 microns in size and projects the mist about 30 feet under calm conditions. The powerful misting head is supplied with nine atomizing nozzles and mounted on a 15-foot boom. It features selectable flow settings and the company’s proprietary Variable Particle Sizing Technology to improve capture efficiency. Nozzles can be added, removed, or resized as the application dictates.

Just 10 psi of water pressure is required from the supply hose when using the integrated booster pump, giving the DB-M an output as high as 24 gpm at 200 psi. An in-line 30 mesh filter stops any solids 600 microns and larger, and the manufacturer recommends that it be used at all times. The Dust Boss is configured for U.S. markets and uses 3-phase/480 volt/60 hertz power with a full current load of approximately 12 amps. The recommended minimum generator set is 25 kW. (

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