Containment Bags for Safe Transformer Transport

New Pig Corp. recently introduced PIG Transformer Containment Bags, carriers designed exclusively for the safe transport of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and mineral oils. The bags feature high-capacity straps to ensure safe lifting of up to 4,800 pounds for transport on diamond-plate truck beds without rips or wear. To provide ultimate weather, puncture, and tear protection while transporting leaky transformers, the bags are constructed of watertight nylon and polyethylene sandwiched between durable woven polypropylene. In addition, three integrated FAT MAT pads absorb any mineral oil or PCB leaks and splashes while cushioning and preventing radiator-fin poke-through. Designed to allow for easy loading and safe lifting using a hoist or forklift, the bags also feature a pull-up duffel sleeve that covers the entire transformer and cinches tight to help keep liquid in and debris and rainwater out. PIG Transformer Containment Bags are available in pole- and pad-mount versions in several sizes. (

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