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A Decade of Turmoil: How Nuclear and Coal Have Struggled to Survive

The past 10 years have been filled with trials and tribulations for both the nuclear and coal power industries. From accidents to plant closures there has been little to cheer about. Still, nuclear and coal power continue to provide reliable baseload generation to billions of customers around the globe. Here’s a look back at the […]

MPW’s Automated Bundle Blaster

MPW’s Bundle Blaster Side Cleaner system is designed to remotely clean the shell side of small to medium
sized tube bundles, up to 36 feet in length. The tube bundle is placed on hydraulically actuated rollers to
incrementally turn the bundle during the cleaning process while the cleaning head runs horizontally on a track
over the bundle. MPW’s

Transformative Coal Power Technologies Take Shape

The coal power industry acknowledges that to play a stable role in future power markets, it needs to modernize, and perhaps even overhaul its long-held status as a “conventional generator.” Could new


Water Chemistry: Power Plant Life and Death

Power plants that use steam to generate electricity need water. Without it, they can’t do their job. But water and steam are complicated, much as is blood in our veins and arteries. So, water chemistry is a

POWER Digest [January 2020]

Engie Will Close 1 GW of Coal Generation; Adding Solar, Wind. French energy group Engie in mid-December said it will close 1 GW of coal-fired power generation assets in Peru and Chile over the next five years

Equipment Showcase: Diesel and Gas Generators

The need for reliable and resilient power generation, including backup power, means the market for mobile and smaller-scale power generation continues to grow. Commercial and industrial sites are using