Towers Improve Aim of Dust-Suppression Equipment

Dust Control Technology launched a family of tower mounts for the company’s atomized misting equipment, which extends droplet hang time and range while providing more precise aiming capability during slag-handling, aggregate-progressing, recycling, and coal-handling operations. Complementing a product line that already includes wheeled carriages and skid mounts, by delivering millions of 50- to 200-micron droplets per minute from above dust-generating activities, tower-mounted units help commercial operations achieve superior particle control and prevent dust from migrating off-site, the company says.

Any of the fan-driven units can be modified to address specific particle sizes or service environments using Dust Control’s Variable Particle Sizing technology. “The most effective suppression takes place when the dust particles and droplets are roughly the same size,” it says. Designed to withstand wind loads of at least 100 miles per hour, the towers, in three sizes, are constructed of carbon steel pipe, hot dip–galvanized to resist corrosion. (

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