Pneumatic Torque Limiter

Nexen has launched the TL Series, a pneumatically engaged, single-position torque limiter for improved overload protection for industrial machinery. The TL Series uses a ball/detent interface and proximity sensor to immediately disengage the machine shaft when excessive torque or a machine jam occurs, effectively protecting downstream equipment and product from damage and decreasing downtime. Upon detecting the overload condition, the sensor instantly sends a signal to the torque limiter’s control valve, exhausting the air and disengaging the unit for a clean disconnect of power to the driven components.

By using pneumatic actuation, TL Series units facilitate remote trip-out torque adjustment via an air regulator, allowing operators to optimize overload protection while the machine is in use — thus eliminating the need for inconvenient onsite adjustments. Each torque limiter’s interface has five ball/detents arranged in an asymmetrical pattern, ensuring that each engagement occurs in the same position and that machine components are accurately synchronized. (

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