Kistler announced the North American market introduction of the Type 8763B, a miniature IEPE triaxial accelerometer with voltage output. The accelerometer offers simultaneous shock and vibration measurements on three mutually perpendicular axes with optional TEDS capabilities (per IEEE 1451.4) to meet high-performance requirements. Available in six unique models with measurement ranges from ±50 g to ±2,000 g, and available in sensitivities from 100 mV/g to 2.5 mV/g, the low-noise Type 8763B incorporates Kistler’s shear element sensing technology to ensure high-base strain immunity. Packaged in a lightweight, hermetically sealed titanium housing, units can use adhesive mounting or three 5-40 threaded holes for flexible stud mounting on a test object. Models are rugged to 5,000 g shock. (