Tendeka’s advanced monitoring solutions arm, Sensornet, introduced its FireLaser linear heat-detection system, which has been specifically designed for fire hazard detection applications. The FireLaser connects to a fiber-optic cable and determines temperature and distance data at thousands of points along its length. The fiber-optic cable is installed within the asset to be protected, acting as the temperature sensor. The FireLaser can detect a hotspot on a cable up to 4 kilometers away. It can also precisely monitor the development of hotspots to within 1 meter, which provides a significantly superior and cost-effective fire detection solution to the traditional copper-based multipoint linear heat-detection alternatives, Sensornet claims. The highly sensitive fiber-optic cable, which is suitable for use in hazardous conditions, can detect changes of temperatures of less than 1 degree C in 3 seconds. (http://www.sensornet.co.uk/)