POWER [September 1, 2019]

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PV Peaker Plant a Model for Solar-Plus-Storage Projects

Pairing solar energy resources with batteries is a winning solution. It allows utilities to store excess power when the sun is shining but demand is low, and use it when the sun sets but demand is high. One

Rush to Renewables Brings Wind Power to Colorado's Plains

The growth of wind power worldwide is literally transforming the energy landscape, with massive turbine blades providing a visual backdrop. Xcel Energy’s Rush Creek project, covering 95,000 acres in eastern

Small Hydro Innovation Revitalizes Scotland's Storr Lochs Plant

The refurbishment of Storr Lochs, a small hydropower plant built nearly 70 years ago at an isolated location in Scotland’s mountainous Isle of Skye, has given the project new life and purpose. The reason

Solar Baseload in the Kalahari: Kathu Solar Park

A greenfield concentrated solar power (CSP) project with novel parabolic trough technology and a molten storage system has revitalized a remote region. But the project is also laudable for its social

Solar Plant Aims to be 'Benchmark of Excellence'

The Veltoor facility in India has been honored for its cutting-edge technology, which helps maximize its energy production. The project also is notable for the developer’s commitment to communities near the

Successful Dam Stabilization Project Improves Safety and Reliability

Hydropower is the oldest renewable energy source, but aging dams require periodic maintenance. A stabilization project that added high-capacity post-tensioned anchors and new concrete enhanced the Bagnell Dam


Changing Power Market Conditions Warrant Smart Boiler Services

There have been a lot of changes in how power plants do business. As financial pressure mounts and lean-staffing strategies are implemented, finding time to do all the work that needs to be done can be a

Combustion Optimization to Improve Heat Rate and Lower NOx

Power plant operators are always looking for ways to boost performance. A combustion optimizer designed to improve efficiency and lower emissions could help. It supports more flexible operation of boilers by

Decarbonizing the Power Sector with Renewable Gas

One way to help decarbonize the electric grid is through the use of renewable hydrogen, that is, hydrogen produced from renewable power resources. The process involves using excess wind and solar power during

Equipment Showcase: Pumps

Pumps and pumping systems have multiple applications in power plants, and are generally centrifugal and positive displacement pumps. Centrifugal pumps use an impeller to move fluid through the application

Five Inspections Made Easier with Drone Technology

Today, drones equipped with sensors and cameras are proving their worth in gathering real-time footage that can be stored for later analysis. Uncrewed aerial systems can detect failing structures and equipment

How to Ensure Plant Reliability and Regulatory Compliance

Lock in safe, reliable operations by opening the door to third-party expertise There’s still a big takeaway from a 2008 Florida blackout, and it’s not the size of the fine…

The Theory and Application of Acoustic Cleaners

Sonic sootblowers and acoustic cleaners were once thought to be a last-chance alternative to difficult ash build-up problems. However, the technology has proven to be effective over years of service in

The X Factor in the Power Market’s New Math

How power companies are using experience management, or XM, to reshape customer relationships and reveal new revenue opportunities Here was a company with one of the largest investor-owned electric systems…



What Keeps Energy Leaders Up at Night? It's More About Climate Change Than You May Think

This year, it seems hardly a week has gone by without a new report making us even more nervous about climate change. It’s as if the editorial theme for 2019 was: “It’s worse than you thought.” Maybe

Legal & Regulatory

A Renewable Benefit: Texas Extends Tax Abatement Program

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) signed a bill into law this legislative session that extends the state’s Chapter 312 property tax abatement program until Sept. 1, 2029. The program was set to expire at the

Focus on O&M

Developing an 'Insurance Policy' to Ensure Stability for Renewables-heavy Grids

Many countries are integrating renewable energy sources to their power grids. While this is a much-needed transition toward cleaner energy, grid operators and utility providers must be prepared to address

Heavy Hauling: Moving 300-Ton Gas Engines from Europe to Michigan

Two new power plants in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (U.P.) came online earlier this year, supplying power for customers of Upper Michigan Energy Resources Corp. (UMERC), a subsidiary of WEC Energy Group. WEC

Shock Pulse Generators Help Clean Supercritical Power Plant Boilers

Economic power plant operation includes keeping maintenance costs under control, and operating the plant efficiently. Boiler surfaces need to be kept as clean as possible to increase heat transfer and decrease

Global Monitor

Nigeria Enlists Siemens to Help Shore Up Power Grid

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has an ambitious plan to rebuild the country’s power grid, as his government tries to jump-start the slow pace of growth in Africa’s largest economy. Buhari and Siemens

POWER Digest—September 2019

Kenya Launches Africa’s Largest Wind Farm. Kenya in July began operating the 310-MW Lake Turkana Wind Power (LTWP) facility, which the government said is Africa’s largest wind power farm. The LTWP project

THE BIG PICTURE: Renewable Portfolio Standards

As of August 2019, 29 U.S. states and the District of Columbia had renewable portfolio standards (RPSs), and eight others had non-binding renewable portfolio goals. Three states also had clean energy…

Turkey Banking on Geothermal Projects to Boost Domestic Generation

Geothermal power generation continues to increase in Turkey, as the country works toward a goal of at least 2 GW of installed capacity by the end of 2019, a rise of almost 50% since the end of 2018. Geothermal

Speaking of Power

Public vs. Private: What's Best for Power Customers?

There are generally three types of electric power utility ownership structures: public power utilities, rural electric cooperatives, and investor-owned utilities (IOUs). The American Public Power Association

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