GAS POWER Direct [November 5, 2012]

Advanced Combined Cycle Plants Set to Ease Strain on ERCOT Grid

The power-hungry ERCOT region is getting an upgrade, as Siemens and Bechtel are building two advanced combined cycle plants in central Texas.

As Time Goes By—The Long Gestation for Gas Pipeline Projects

When you’re building a natural gas pipeline, running pipe from Point A to Point B is only the final, most obvious step. You’ve got to jump through a lot of hoops to get there, in a process that can take years and that involves a lot of foresight.

Clear Energy Systems Debuts Smallest-Ever Mobile 1-MW Power System

Bigger isn’t always better, but when you’ve got big power needs in a remote location, your options are often limited. A new mobile gas-fired generator aims to change that, offering both big capacity and a small footprint.

Flaring Practices Draw Scrutiny

The shale boom has run well ahead of the infrastructure needed to handle all the production. When there’s nowhere to put associated gas, much of it is being flared. But this common industry practice is starting to draw some uncommon attention.

Large-Scale Export of LNG May Trade Short-Term Profit for a Few at the Expense of Our Nation’s Well-Being

Surging supplies of natural gas have led to serious discussions of exporting this resource. The head of APGA explains how this threatens the U.S.’s long-term interests and energy security.

Nifty Shades of Gray: Albany Plant Repurposes Municipal Effluent

When the Albany area needed a new power plant, pulling water from the Hudson River would have been the easy choice. But the plant owners chose to get creative, drawing on a convenient but unconventional source for their cooling water.

Quarterly Status Report: Global Gas Power Projects

This year’s healthy growth in global gas-fired power generation continued in the third quarter, with significant projects being planned in Turkey and Japan.

Why the “War on Coal” Is Mostly Hot Air (So Far)

It’s never easy sifting honest debate from rhetoric during an election season. This year, it’s the debate over the future of coal that’s succumbed to some political opportunism.