High-Torque Electric Rotary Actuator

Rotork Process Controls introduced the SM-6000 S2, an electric rotary actuator for a wide range of heavy-duty damper drive applications found in power plants. The actuator provides high speeds and high torque for continuous modulating duty. It also offers positioning accuracy and can operate well in harsh and rugged environments.

The SM-6000 S2 includes an internally mounted digital amplifier that can be easily programmed via non-intrusive rotary switches and a vacuum fluorescent display on the front of the unit. Standard features include an operating temperature of – 40F to 185F, automatic torque limiting, and a watertight, doubled-sealed enclosure with a separately sealed terminal compartment designed for hostile environments. Several options are also available, including an extended temperature range to 225F and faster speeds. The actuator is available in many speed/torque combinations, which can be adjusted to meet specific application requirements. (

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