Equipment Showcase: Environmental Health and Safety

The safety of workers and equipment is an important consideration for power generation facilities, just as it is for other worksites. Power plants feature multiple pieces of complex machinery that can present risks to workers who do not have the proper tools and equipment, and equipment can be at risk if not operated correctly. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, power plants and industrial facilities also want to keep workers healthy, which has meant instituting new practices and protocols for those unable to work remotely, including essential personnel in both the field and the office. Some of the leading manufacturers and service companies for equipment and safety products for the power generation industry are featured here, along with those companies providing products to help ensure the health and well-being of workers in the power generation industry.

3M Increases Output of Respirators

1. The global coronavirus pandemic has increased calls for production of facemasks such as 3M’s N95 respirator. The company has designated much of its production for the energy industry. Courtesy: 3M Co.

3M Co. recently increased its global production of N95 respirators (Figure 1) to a rate of nearly 100 million a month, or more than 1.1 billion a year, to arm workers dealing with the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. The company in the U.S. is producing 35 million respirators a month as of the end of March, with many of those designated for the energy industry. “As a global company, we also manufacture respirators in Europe, Asia and Latin America, and our products are being similarly deployed to support the COVID-19 response in those respective regions,” said 3M CEO Mike Roman. The company is expecting to nearly double its manufacturing capacity again within the next year. 3M also produces hand sanitizers and disinfectants. 3M Co., Saint Paul, Minnesota


Porvair Launches New Septa Filter Elements

2. Sinterflo MC septa filter elements from Porvair Filtration Group are suitable for a range of applications in nuclear power plants, including for reactor water clean-up, and radwaste processing. Courtesy: Porvair Filtration Group

Porvair Filtration Group has launched Sinterflo MC septa filter elements (Figure 2) suitable for a wide range of nuclear power generating applications including reactor water clean-up, radwaste processing, fuel pool clean-up, and condensate polishing. These products are also appropriate for use in fossil fuel power generating plants and other commercial applications. The benefits of the Porvair septa include high strength, temperature and corrosion resistance, with the ability to withstand harsh operating conditions from –50C to 550C (–65F to 1,000F). Porvair’s septa filter elements are made from Sinterflo mesh composite (MC) filter media. This unique material is made from wire mesh and perforated metal, sintered together into a durable porous filtration medium. Manufactured from 316L stainless steel, these can be retrofitted into existing applications. All of Porvair’s septa filter elements are designed and tested to exceed the industry standards for resin retention, mechanical integrity, pre-coatability, and backwash efficiency to extend run times and maximize ion exchange performance. Custom configurations can be provided. Porvair Filtration Group, Fareham, UK


Honeywell Offers Safety Training Courses

3. Honeywell’s training courses are designed across a variety of areas, including hazard and risk analysis, and operations and maintenance phases. Courtesy: Honeywell

Understanding and complying with international safety standards IEC 61508/61511 and ISA S84.01 is becoming increasingly critical to process industries. Honeywell’s TÜV-certified Functional Safety Engineering courses (Figure 3) introduce participants to the concepts and practical application of safety standards. The courses follow the Safety Lifecycle all the way from SIS specification (hazard and risk analysis, SIL assignment, and safety requirements specification) through the design and analysis phases (SIS architectures and SIL verification calculations) to the operations and maintenance phases (assessments and MOC). Successful participants receive the TÜV-issued Functional Safety Engineer certification. Honeywell, Charlotte, North Carolina


Explosion-Proof Battery Charger Designed for Harsh Environments

4. Applied Power Systems’ BC-6494 Battery Charger is designed for use in locations where explosion-proof operation is required. The charger is housed in an aluminum explosion-proof enclosure. Courtesy: Applied Power Systems

The BC-6494 Battery Charger from Applied Power Systems is designed for use in hazardous locations where explosion-proof operation is required with Class 1 Div 1 and 2 ratings. The charger (Figure 4) is housed in an aluminum explosion-proof enclosure and implements an advanced charging algorithm to provide extended battery life. It can be factory programmed to support multiple battery stack configurations, ranging from 12V@100A up to 72V@20A charging power. USB and RS485 communication ports are provided to allow status monitoring and remote control of the battery charger operation. Applied Power Systems, Hicksville, New York


National Safety Apparel Products Offer Worker Protection

5. An arc flash suit is among the many products supplied by National Safety Apparel. Courtesy: National Safety Apparel

National Safety Apparel offers a range of products designed to protect workers in power plant and other industrial environments. Workers need their fire-resistant (FR) clothing (Figure 5) to provide protection from the arc and flame hazards while on the job as well as comfort, regardless of body type and fit. Sometimes it’s a matter of personal preference, sometimes it’s a specific combination, and it’s typically determined by a hazard analysis done by your company. If you are working in a field that requires FR clothing, are a safety manager, or have customers that require FRC, you know that specific minimum requirements have to be met to provide proper protection from hazards unique to your industry. Once the hazard and the level of protection that is needed have been identified, it’s important to consider comfort, style, and fit when selecting flame-resistant clothing. National Safety Apparel offers FR workwear options that fit every industry and can be customized to address your hazards, fit, industry, task, needs, and preference. National Safety Apparel, Cleveland, Ohio


Airgas Offers Curbside Pickup and Delivery

6. Among the many safety items available in Airgas’s 388-page safety catalog is fall protection gear, including retractable lanyards. Courtesy: Airgas

Whatever type of power facility you’re in, your team needs a consistent supply of safety products. As a leading national distributor of safety and occupational health products, including eye and face protection products, protective clothing, respiratory protection products, and more, Airgas, an Air Liquide company, has the inventory and supply chain management solutions to ensure you have all the products you need, when and where you need them. As the world struggles to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak, Airgas encourages customers to follow social distancing recommendations by placing orders for direct delivery via Airgas.com and through its Airgas punchout site, or by calling ahead to your local branch so its team can prepare your order for curbside pickup. Airgas, Radnor, Pennsylvania


Red Wing Boots Feature Slip Resistance

7. The Red Wing Tradeswoman boot features a dual-density footbed and polyurethane midsole to ensure optimal comfort. Its VersaTrax rubber outsold has an innovative lug design for slip-resistance and durability. Courtesy: Red Wing Shoes

Handcrafted with premium Red Wing leather, Red Wing’s Tradesman and Tradeswoman boot families combine the safety features and durability of a traditional work boot with the look, functionality, and comfort of a performance-inspired hiking boot. Tradesman boots feature VersaTrax soles for best-in-class slip resistance along with an additional layer of protection at the toe and heel to handle daily wear and tear. Available in nine styles ranging from 5-inch hikers to 10-inch pull-ons, all Tradesman boots feature a nonmetallic safety toe, electrical hazard protection, and are waterproof. Select styles also include puncture resistance. The Tradeswoman collection (Figure 7) is designed with a female-specific last (the solid form around which the shoe is built) that is purpose-built for a woman’s foot. The boot features a dual-density footbed and polyurethane midsole to ensure adequate toe space and optimal comfort. In addition, the VersaTrax rubber outsole features an innovative lug design to offer best-in-class slip resistance and durability. Tradeswoman boots include nonmetallic toe protection, waterproofing and electrical hazard resistance to provide all-day safety while on the job. Red Wing Shoe Co., Red Wing, Minnesota


Fastenal Safety Products Include Protective Wear

8. Fastenal offers a range of safety products, including coated and dipped gloves that are chemical-resistant, and also can be used in high-temperature situations. Courtesy: Fastenal

Fastenal offers industrial safety supplies including protective wear, fall protection, first aid products, facility identification, communication equipment, matting, safety containers, spill containment, traffic products, and more. The company’s protection for hands and arms includes chemical-resistant, anti-vibration, and high-temperature gloves. Those feature coated and dipped gloves, which form to the hand like a second skin, promoting maximum dexterity and increased wet/dry grip. They are typically used in light assembly and general maintenance situations. These include the Nitrile Micro-Foam Coated Nylon/Lycra MaxiFlex Ultimate Palm Coated Glove (Figure 8), manufactured by Protective Industrial Products Inc. Fastenal, Winona, Minnesota


Coveralls Among Northern Safety & Industrial Products

9. Northern Safety & Industrial offers several products to help ensure worker safety, including coveralls designed for breathability and comfort. Courtesy: Northern Safety & Industrial

Northern Safety & Industrial, a member of the Wurth Group, offers a variety of safety products for use in industrial and other situations. These include coveralls (Figure 9), which let air and water vapors pass through for greater breathability and comfort. The coveralls’ polypropylene fabric is coated with a waterproof microporous film. The apparel is tightly sewn, with bound seams and reinforcing outer binding, to increase strength and prevent splash and particulates from entering the seam. The coveralls’ generous fit design provides greater freedom of movement for comfortable, all-day wear, and a two-way zipper makes it easy to put on and take off. Northern Safety & Industrial, Utica, New York


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