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Figure 4 -BuildingOS FOM

Seven Software Tools for Energy Managers

There are many tools available to assist companies as they gain a better grasp on how their energy is being used, and what that means for the goal of efficient energy management. Not all solutions are created

Fig 2_PacStar_stress test

Overcoming IIoT, Edge Networking Challenges

As power plants and substations become more connected, the need for rugged networking equipment built to withstand tough conditions is amplified. The military has already gone through the growing pains, so


Case Study: Exelon Ensures Nuclear Power Plant Safety Using Online Monitoring

Exelon has optimized the efficiency of its operations, maintenance, and engineering staff. By automating data collection, plant engineers now focus on analyzing data rather than manually collecting data and risking radiation exposure. Download this case study to get more details then go here to learn more about Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) for Power Generation.

Image courtesy: AES Corp.

A Bird’s-Eye View: Drones in the Power Sector

Unmanned aerial systems—drones—have quickly found their place in the power sector. But as the industry moves out of test cases and experiments, and into full implementation of drones, it is facing a whole

1.	Out-tasking. Qualified technicians can be brought in to service plant equipment, add staff during outages, and keep facilities compliant. Courtesy: ABM Industries

How to Leverage the Value of Outsourcing Electrical Power Maintenance

From deregulation and restructuring to new technology and globalization, the power industry has undergone dramatic changes over the past few decades. Falling barriers to entry have led to the rise of small and independent power producers, and empowered consumers with choices when it comes to where to purchase their energy. These changes have transformed a […]


Test Your Knowledge: Insulation

Thermal insulation is installed on almost every piping system and much of the plant equipment at power generation facilities. It not only saves energy, but also protects workers, reduces noise, helps protect against freezing, and more. This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of insulation fundamentals. Create your own user feedback survey If you’d […]


Test Your Knowledge: Differences Between Private Sector and Government Managers

It’s become a cliché that government would be better if it were only run by private-sector managers using standard business practices. However, there are significant differences between the private sector and government. This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of those differences. Create your own user feedback survey To learn 18 more differences, read “25 Differences Between […]

9HA.01 Gas Turbine, Rotor on Half Shell, Case, Belfort, France, Europe

Market-Challenged, GE Continues to Improve Gas Turbine Efficiency

GE Power said its 9HA.02 gas turbine reached a new milestone by exceeding 64% efficiency in combined cycle power plants. The company attributes at least part of the achievement to advances in additive manufacturing (3-D printing). “The HA is our most advanced gas turbine technology, and we’ve never stopped pushing the boundaries of what it […]

Fig 1-Thomas Hill coal power plant

Test Your Knowledge: Heat Rate and Efficiency

Fuel, operations, and plant design all affect the overall efficiency of a plant. This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of heat rate and efficiency fundamentals. Create your own user feedback survey To learn more about coal plant efficiency, frequent problems that reduce efficiency, and some solutions for improving operation and reducing generation costs, read “Understanding Coal […]


Power Plant Tragedies Bring Safety to the Forefront

Power plants are inherently dangerous. Although safety is taken very seriously at most facilities, every year workers around the world are killed on the job by electrocution, falls, explosions, fires, and