Turkey will reportedly start privatizing power generation plants by the end of this month or in early September. Some of the first few plants up for sale include the Hamitabat power station, a 1,120-MW thermal plant that produces 7% of the country’s total electricity output.

Three other thermal plants will also be sold individually: Soma A-B (1,034 MW), Can (320 MW), and Seyitomer (600 MW). Remaining stations will be sold in nine groups: Three groups are of thermal plants, two are of thermal and hydropower plants, and four are of only hydropower plants. Plans include the privatization of 52 hydropower plants in 19 regions.

The privatizations are expected to yield US$10 billion to $15 billion for the country, reported Turkish newspaper Today’s Zaman. The newspaper quoted Ahmet Aksu, vice president of the Privatization Administration as saying that the government would amend the law to allow for the transfer of thermal resources to investors along with power plants.

Sources: Today’s Zaman, POWERnews