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Enel CEO: 'Please Put Price on Carbon'
Coal Fired Power Plant with Wind Turbine

The head of Europe’s largest utility said countries need to put a price on carbon in order to cut emissions of greenhouse gases and meet climate targets. Francesco Starace, CEO…

Getting to Net-Zero GHG Emissions Will Take More Than Closing Coal Plants

The UK will host the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland, next month. The roughly two-week-long event will bring together delegates from around the…

Is America Ready to Take a ‘Baby Step’ Toward Carbon Pricing?

Most people recognize that carbon dioxide (CO2) is a greenhouse gas (GHG), and while not everyone agrees, a majority of climate scientists believe increasing concentrations of GHGs in the atmosphere…

Illinois Nuclear Plants Saved by Last-Minute Vote

The Illinois Senate has approved an overhaul of the state's energy policy with an eye toward a carbon-free future, with a key part of the package keeping the Byron nuclear…

Is the World on the Brink of a Mass Extinction Event?

It’s not unusual for species to go extinct; it happens all the time. In fact, scientists estimate that at least 99.9% of all species of plants and animals that have…