BIRNS Inc., designer and manufacturer of lights for the nuclear power industry, introduced enhancements to the popular BIRNS Kelvin—a 16,000-lumen tungsten halogen light that features a 120 volt/1,000 W lamp with instant on/off and hot-restrike capability. Designed for underwater use in areas with high levels of radiation and nuclear contamination, the new model 5813 now features rugged stainless steel mesh coverings and a Lexan polycarbonate protector with specially designed Lexan plugs for the finger holes, to enhance safety in a variety of high-performance nuclear illumination applications. BIRNS says the new design is ideal for long-term illumination of fuel pools and transfer canals.

Backwards-compatible to the existing model (5801), model 5813 can be used with current mounting poles, lamps, power cords, and other accessories for seamless system upgrades. BIRNS Kelvin includes a powerful underwater subsea-grade connector system designed for depths up to 6 kilometers. (