WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass., March 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/  Scuderi Clean Energy’s (SCE) high efficiency, natural gas power generation and energy storage systems are ideal for large commercial properties with high electric usage.

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The patented SCE system utilizes conventional state-of-the-art technology in a unique method to create the best possible answer to power generation issues – a high efficiency power generation system with heat recovery that is split between the end-user and the grid.  This patented concept of splitting the electric load enables the engine to run at constant load and speed, thus maintaining the engine at its maximum efficiency level.  These systems can reduce electric bills by up to 20 percent.

Scuderi Clean Energy effectively becomes the supply provider on the customer’s electric bill. Since the Scuderi Clean Energy system is more efficient (has a lower heat rate) than other power producers, the company is able to sell its power into the grid and then supply that power to an end-user from the grid at a reduced price.

In addition, the system acts as a combined heat and power (CHP) unit where it supplies not only electricity to a customer, but also provides all heating requirements.  And unlike a conventional CHP system, the Scuderi system does not depend upon a minimum amount of heat being sold to a customer in order to be economically viable.

“What’s also special about our system is that it provides 100 percent backup for an end user,” says Sal Scuderi, Operations Manager for SCE.  “Most CHP systems are only partial backup, forcing the customer to decide which processes should continue operating and which could be safely shut down. We don’t have that issue.”

For more information about Scuderi Clean Energy, visit www.scudericleanenergy.com.

About Scuderi Clean Energy
Scuderi Clean Energy, LLC, (SCE) a wholly owned subsidiary of Scuderi Group, Inc., was formed in October 2015 to market Scuderi Engine Technology to the power generation industry. SCE holds a worldwide license on the Scuderi Engine Technology patent portfolio for the power generation industry. The Company currently has over $60 million worth of power projects under contract in Massachusetts and New York.  All projects are for power generation utilizing conventional engines with the patented Scuderi control system. For more information, visit www.scudericleanenergy.com.

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