Allentown, PA –November 9, 2011: ASGCO, a leading manufacturer of proprietary bulk conveyor components and accessories, announces a new addition to their line of Tru-Trainer conveyor belt tracking Idlers. The Tru-Trainer idlers react as the conveyor belt moves off center, maintaining the belt’s original position, minimizing belt wear and conveyor downtime.

Our very successful Dual Return Tru-Trainer Conveyor Belt Tracker is now available in a V-Return style, developed to accommodate the v-return conveyor systems that see excessive forces encountered when utilizing high tension, overland style conveyor systems, which often operate with wide conveyor belts to accommodate heavy loads.

The V-Return Tru-Trainer is best for v-return overland conveyor systems. An external central pivot mechanism was designed, obviating the need for a single, large drum, and enabling a concentric and balanced rotation to be achieved. This results in extended bearing life and a very fast and effective conveyor belt tracking system. Learn more on our web site:

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