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GE Continues to Improve Gas Turbine Efficiency
Guy DeLeonardo, leader of gas turbine products for GE’s Gas Power Systems, provided POWER with an exclusive explanation of how the new nozzle design for the improved 9HA.02 gas turbine works. GE Power in early December 2017 said its 9HA.02 gas turbine reached a new milestone by exceeding 64% efficiency in combined cycle power plants. The company attributes at least part of the achievement to advances in additive manufacturing (3-D printing).
For more, see “Market-Challenged, GE Continues to Improve Gas Turbine Efficiency.”

Vogtle Nuclear Construction Marks More Milestones
The last of six gigantic modules in the nuclear island for Unit 3 at the Vogtle AP1000 reactors under construction near Augusta, Ga., have been placed. The CA02 and CA03 modules, weighing 52 tons and 237 tons respectively, are critical components and part of the In-Containment Refueling Water Storage Tank, Georgia Power said on May 31. Click here for more.

What an Actual Drone Inspection Video Looks Like
Prepared to accompany our April 2016 cover story on drones and robots in power plant operations and maintenance, this video shows actual footage from a drone inspection of a New Mexico wind farm. View Video

POWER’s Editor Interviewed About Carbon Capture and Sequestration
In November 2015, POWER Editor Gail Reitenbach gave a luncheon keynote presentation at the Carbon Management Technology Conference on SaskPower’s Boundary Dam 3 carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) project. In this post-presentation interview, she talks about the role of CCS for the power industry. View Video

POWER presents ELECTRIC POWER Conference & Exhibition
As the official event of POWER magazine, the ELECTRIC POWER Conference & Exhibition is a platform for power generation companies to come together in one place to address current industry trends and the challenges confronting power plant professionals today.  It’s a chance to go beyond the pages of POWER and interact with key stakeholders. View Video

Demos of Emerging Battery Technologies
POWER interviewed Scott Elrod, VP and Director, Hardware Systems Laboratory and Cleantech Innovation Program at PARC, about how the company is applying printing technologies to the manufacture of battery electrodes to increase energy and power densities for most battery chemistries. In another project, PARC researchers are developing a fiber optic monitoring system that could provide detailed information about the internal condition of batteries. This approach would have potential application to a variety of battery and other technologies, including wind turbine blades, generators, and engines. (Video by Managing Editor Gail Reitenbach. Recorded at ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit, Feb. 26, 2013.)

Tour the multiple-award-winning combined heat and power plant at the University of California, San Diego

POWER magazine visited the University of California, San Diego in July 2010 to learn how the campus is implementing a smart grid and why its CHP plant has won so many awards. Take a video tour of the plant. For more on this model energy center, watch for the feature story in an upcoming issue of POWER.

Power industry executives talk about the proposed American Power Act

Listen to power industry executives talk about:
1) their support for the U.S. Senate’s proposed American Power Act,
2) their explanation of why the legislation is needed, and
3) multiple reasons, in addition to climate science, to support the legislation.
Recorded during the roundtable at ELECTRIC POWER 2010, May 18, 2010.

Nobel Prize Winner Talks to POWER about Climate Change

Listen to POWER’s May 18, 2009, interview with  Dr. Nebojsa Nakicenovic of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (which shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore Jr.) and his answer to the question of why policy makers and power producers should take action now to develop a lower-carbon power portfolio.

Energy Secretary Chu on Renewables and Climate Change

Dr. Steven Chu talked about energy efficiency and solar power with The Washington Post on April 15, 2009 (6 mins.). He spoke with Charlie Rose on March 9, 2009, about the role of the DOE, renewables, nuclear power, the grid, and signs that smart young people are once again considering science careers.

New Energy Secretary Shares His Views

In this Jan. 15, 2009, video, Dr. Steven Chu shares his views on climate change, the need for a smart grid, a Manhattan Project type of energy program, and more.

Listen to Obama’s Pick for Energy Secretary

Learn about Steven Chu’s background, interests, and views by watching the video of his lecture, “The World’s Energy Problem and What We Can Do About it,” given in October 2007 at the Gustavus Adolphus College Nobel Conference.

Power Industry CEO

Roundtable Discussion at ELECTRIC POWER 2008 Listen to what American Electric Power Chairman, President, and CEO Michael Morris had to say about the likely effects of climate change legislation at the 2008 ELECTRIC POWER Conference’s Power Industry CEO Roundtable. Watch Video >>