New edition of Steam Plant Operation

For more than 70 years, Steam Plant Operation (Figure 3), published by McGraw-Hill Professional (like Platts, the publisher of POWER, a division of The McGraw-Hill Companies Inc.), has been the bible of steam plant system design, installation, operation, maintenance, and repair. The new eighth edition of this classic reference book is now available.

  3. Updated power plant bible. The eighth edition of Steam Plant Operation features new sections on new technologies such as fluidized-bed boilers, combined-cycle plants, and systems for controlling SO2, NOx, and particulates.
Courtesy: McGraw-Hill Professional

"The latest edition of this book skillfully balances theory and practice," said Steve Chapman, editorial director of the Technical Division of McGraw-Hill Professional. "This reference provides common power plant calculations such as heat rates, efficiency, pump flow and power requirements, combustion processes, and emissions collection efficiency—as well as valuable content on approved methods of operating the equipment found in power plants," he added.

The eighth edition features significant updates on topics such as: fluidized-bed boilers; combined-cycle systems; systems for controlling emissions of SO2, NOx, and particulates; fuel- and ash-handling systems; and plant auxiliary systems. In addition to describing and explaining the pros and cons of these modern systems, the book does its usual, terrific job of detailing traditional methods of burning fossil fuels to generate power.

Over the decades, the book has helped many a power plant operator pass operating licensing exams. Because Steam Plant Operation is used nationally as a guide for these exams, readers will find questions at the end of each chapter to assist their study.

The book was written by three venerable experts: Everett B. Woodruff (formerly a project engineer at A.M. Kinney Inc.), Herbert B. Lammers (formerly a consultant to various steam-generating industries), and his son, Thomas F. Lammers (formerly a senior project manager with Babcock & Wilcox Co.).

According to Thomas Lammers, "It’s an important achievement for any textbook to have made such significant contributions for eight editions. Steam Plant Operation has helped so many engineers and technicians understand what makes steam power plants tick. Here’s hoping that this edition will encourage today’s and tomorrow’s plant engineers to study further this technology that is so critical to everyone’s everyday lives."

To order your copy of the eighth edition of Steam Plant Operation, visit http://books.mcgraw-hill.com.

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