POWER [October 1, 2013]

Cover Stories

Top Plant: Cliffside Steam Station Unit 6, Cliffside, North Carolina

Owner/operator: Duke Energy Duke Power’s deep roots in North Carolina go especially deep in the Appalachian Mountain range in the western part of the state, where Duke—then Catawba Power Co.—got its

Top Plant: Edwardsport Generating Station, Knox County, Indiana

TOP PLANTSOwner/operator: Duke Energy Indiana There will surely be readers who will disagree with our selection of the Edwardsport Generating Station integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) as a POWER

Top Plant: Mundra UMPP, Gujarat, India

Owner/operator: Tata Power India’s emergence as an economic powerhouse has been tempered by acute power shortages that stem from severe supply side constraints. In August 2012, although the country’s

Top Plant: Prairie State Energy Campus, Washington County, Illinois

Owner/operator: Prairie State Generating Co., LLC The Prairie State Energy Campus (PSEC) is likely the last of the multi-unit coal-fired power plants that will be built in the U.S. in the foreseeable future

Top Plant: Shentou Second Power Plant, Shuozhou City, Shanxi Province, China

Owner/operator: Shenhua Guoneng Energy Group Corp. Ltd. The 4 x 500-MW Shentou Second Power Plant is located in Shuozhou City in the northern Shanxi Province, a region notable for its mining of coal and other


NuScale Puts Single-Minded Focus on Small Modular Reactor

2. Reactor module. The light water reactor NuScale Power Module is cooled by natural circulation and is entirely self-contained. Courtesy: NuScale The global nuclear industry has endured a rough patch since

Practical Considerations for Converting Boilers to Burn Gas

Many utilities have taken advantage of relatively low-cost natural gas to address environmental pressures and upgrade their power generation portfolio in one of three distinct ways—replace, repower, or

Reciprocating Engines Continue to Be Flexible Workhorses

Gas Power Reciprocating gas engines find work in multiple power generation applications, from providing fast-start backup generating capacity for intermittent renewable resources to offering scalable and

Reducing SCR Fly Ash Accumulation with Improved Reactor Inlet Airflow

The Kansas City Power & Light (KCP&L) La Cygne Generating Station provides 1,532 MW of peak power from its site south of Kansas City. La Cygne Unit 1 is an 815-MW Babcock & Wilcox cyclone boiler

Turning the Heat Up on Carbon Emissions

Although there have been previous attempts at the federal level to regulate carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted from U.S. coal-fired power plants (remember the Waxman-Markey Bill, the American Clean Energy and

Utility Options for Leveraging Natural Gas

Table 1. Change in furnace and air heater temperature as a function of the ratio of coal and gas fuel use in a typical steam plant. If natural gas supply prices fall below the delivered cost of coal, a unit



Will Washington Finally Resolve the Nuclear Waste Dilemma?

After 30-plus years of false starts, delays, and political interference, the U.S. finally has an opportunity to make good on its obligations to store the spent fuel from our nation’s nuclear reactors. A

New Products

New Products (October 2013)

Crystal Engineering introduced a 15,000 psi version of its popular XP2i test gauge. The ultra-rugged, intrinsically safe, easy-to-use test gauge joins the recently released GaugeCalHP Pressure Comparator and

Legal & Regulatory

LNG Exports: Who Gets to Decide?

An abundance of North American natural gas, coupled with high foreign demand, has sparked interest in exportation of natural gas. However, liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities are controversial. Some

Focus on O&M

Focus on O&M: Replacing Multiple Turbine and BOP Control Systems with a Single Platform

Termoyopal, a utility based in Bogota, Colombia, recently repowered its power plant at Yopal, Colombia, by replacing three gas turbines with refurbished units and upgrading the remaining two turbines. The

Global Monitor

China Cancels 2-GW Coal Plant on Pollution Concerns

In a noteworthy measure this August, Chinese authorities scrapped proposals for a 2-GW coal-fired power plant, citing—for the first time—concerns about air pollution. And as the authorities in Baguang

Japan Prepares to Float Offshore Wind Industry

A prototype 100-kW floating wind turbine that has been tested off Nagasaki near Japan’s Kabashima Island since May 2012 is slated to be replaced by a full-scale, grid-connected 2-MW wind turbine this fall

New Measures Pit Indian Generators Against Equipment Makers

Energy-hungry India’s power sector is financially hemorrhaging due to a number of critical issues relating to the availability of coal and gas, its loss-making state power distribution companies, and costly

New Power-to-Gas Plant Inaugurated in Germany

A new 2-MW power-to-gas (P2G) plant inaugurated by Germany’s E.ON in late August will convert excess wind energy into synthetic natural gas that can then be fed into the regional gas grid, where it can be

POWER Digest October 2013

Jordan’s First Nuclear Reactor Gets Construction Green Light. Jordanian regulators on Aug. 20 granted permission for construction to begin at the Jordan Research and Training Reactor (JRTR) at the Jordan

SMR Technology Contest Gets New Player

Joining the growing list of major small modular reactor (SMR) technology developers is California-based General Atomics, which says its patented Energy Multiplier Module, EM2, is one of the “most advanced

Speaking of Power

When Policy and Construction Timelines Diverge

Have you ever been surprised to have a nice gift rejected? Well, that’s what happened to the POWER team this summer. This spring, we chose an interesting and diverse set of plants from around the world to

GBR Reports

Power in Southeast Asia: Cubs on a Growth Spurt

Southeast Asia, with an increasingly affluent population of 600 million, must kick investment in the power sector into the next gear to meet expected demand for electricity. Download the report.