MANAGING POWER Direct [September 1, 2009]

Appeals Court: EPA Rule Oversteps on NOx Allowance Purchases

The Appeals Court in D.C. has struck down a Bush administration 2007 ozone rule, sending the issue back to the Environmental Protection Agency for a mulligan. What will this mean in the future?

Copenhagen’s Neverland

The world’s war on carbon emissions isn’t going well. In just six months, the UN sponsored Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change will seek to launch a worldwide anti-carbon strategy with teeth. Billed by alarmists as “the last chance to save our planet,” all the signs are that Michael Jackson has a better chance of recording new material than Copenhagen has of delivering a meaningful international accord.

DOE Mission Support

The National Academy of Public Administration faults the U.S. Department of Energy on human resource management, contract controls, and financial management.

Falling Demand Leads TVA to Trim New Reactor Plans

TVA scales back plans to revitalize new nuclear construction at its Bellefonte plant, suggesting that it will scrap plans for new units at the site and perhaps focus on its unbuilt unit that has been mothballed for 25 years.

Flipping the Switch: Why Utilities Need to Shed Light Now on Carbon Risk

Carbon is poised to become an auditable and verifiable reporting requirement for American business. Because utilities are among the organizations with the most at stake in a carbon-constrained economy, they should proactively tackle carbon management and carbon accounting in spite of uncertainties about the precise formulation of the final regulatory framework. In short, whether a carbon accounting requirement is legislative, administrative, or driven by business partners and consumers, now is the time for utilities to act.

Global Warming Has Been Very, Very Good for Me

If what we have seen this spring and summer is global warming, my farm says “bring it on.” That sense that there is no climate crisis may present the Obama administration with a difficult choice between energy or health care legislation this fall in Congress. Energy legislation likely will fail.

Green Power? The Limits of Cellulosic Biofuels

There’s been a lot of attention on “cellulosic” ethanol, but that could be a nasty dead end, according to this analysis from a well-respected Washington environmental think tank.

Is Employee Engagement Passé?

“Engagement” was once the buzzword for employee satisfaction. That was then, say some HR gurus, but these authors argue that engagment is as important as ever.

It’s Time to Go Nuclear

Congress should push for nuclear energy as a climate and energy solution—now.

Nuclear Roundup

The economic downturn hits Entergy Corp. and Bruce Power.

TREND: Wind Power Becalmed?

U.S. wind power appears becalmed, partially stymied by transmission constraints, and also by financing difficulties in the current recession. Read the details.