GAS POWER Direct [June 3, 2013]

“We’re in This Together Now, and There’s No Going Back.” An Interview with FERC Commissioner Philip Moeller

Commissioner Philip Moeller of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission talks with Editor Thomas Overton about the progress of gas-electric harmonization, potential risks to reliability in the dash to gas, and the future of gas-fired power.

Coal-Heavy Indianapolis Getting a New Combined Cycle Plant

Faced with the need to upgrade its aging fleet, Indianapolis Power & Light is retiring a brace of coal-fired units and replacing them with a new combined cycle plant.

EIA: Gas and Coal to Remain Competitive Through 2040

Despite the challenge of burgeoning gas supplies and sustained lower prices, the EIA projects that coal and gas generation will continue jockeying for the lead in the dispatch order for the next few decades.

Is Natural Gas Delivering an Assist to Renewable Energy?

Though current low natural gas prices are thought to deter renewable development, the long-term outlook suggests gas and renewables can work together.

Obama Administration Moves Favor Natural Gas

Dismaying many of its allies and pleasing the gas industry, the Obama administration continued its push in support of natural gas with two recent decisions on fracking and LNG exports.

On the “Verge” of Waterless Fracking?

Water has been one of the biggest headaches for fracking. But a new method offers a means to fracture shale—using natural gas itself.

The Perils of Feeding at the Public Trough

The debate over funding of green energy obscures the fact that virtually nothing in the power business operates without some sort of official support and oversight.