GAS POWER Direct [February 23, 2012]

American Electric Power Finally Flips the Switch on Beleaguered Ohio Plant

Timing is (almost) everything when it comes to building new power plants. Nobody knows that better than AEP, which finally got a happy ending to a story that took over a decade to complete.

Fracking Cracks the Public Consciousness in 2011

Hydraulic fracturing has been growing in popularity as a means of extracting natural gas for several years. It was in 2011 that media and public attention began to focus on its possibilities and risks, bringing with it controversy and increasing concern.

Fracking: With the Gas, a Flow of Litigation

The rapid growth of gas extraction by hydraulic fracturing has drawn increasing allegations of property damage and health risks. In many cases, these allegations are being followed by a wave of lawsuits.

Gas Glut Remains, Prices Keep Falling

Surging supply and plummeting prices during 2011 have worked a sea change in America’s energy policies and use of natural gas. How long can it go on?

Gas Power Leads Both New Capacity and Retirements

The 2000s saw dramatic growth in gas-fired power generation capacity. But, surprise--this growth was also accompanied by the retirements of numerous older gas-fired plants.

Shale Gas Is Not a Fracking Mess

Gas extraction by hydraulic fracturing is not new, but the controversy over it is. While the process carries some notable risks, the potential and promise of fracking argue in favor of responsible development and regulation, not an outright ban.

The End of the Line for Pipe Cleaning with Natural Gas?

Piping at gas-fired plants has long been cleaned using compressed natural gas because of its easy availability. The big problem? It’s also explosive. The fatal 2010 blast at the Kleen Energy plant in Connecticut began a shift toward safer alternatives such as nitrogen and compressed air that is gathering increasing momentum.

Turbine Suppliers Pursue a Different Niche: Steel Mills

Steel mills have long recaptured flue gas from the blast furnace to generate local power and steam. But advances in gas turbine technology have taken what was a low-tech means of increasing plant efficiency and given mill owners ways to increase profits through selling electricity and greatly reducing emissions through more efficient combustion.

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