Filters for Lower-Pressure Liquid and Gas Applications

Mott says its new 7710 Series filters are designed to accommodate lower-pressure liquid and gas filtration applications at a value price point. Porous metal elements for this model are 10-inch long, 316L stainless steel cartridges in either a double open ended or 1-inch NPT connection configuration. The 316 stainless steel housing comes standard with a Buna N housing seal to provide strength and dependability. Other seals and O-rings are available to support applications requiring higher temperature or corrosion resistance. The 7710 Series filters are designed for maximum operating pressures of 300 psi (housing) and include a ¼-inch NPT housing drain, ¼-inch NPT gauge ports, and 1-inch FNPT line connections. Outside-in filter area is 0.54 square feet. (

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