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NRG Tests Growing Biomass for Use at Major Louisiana Coal Plant

A pilot project begun at NRG Energy’s 1,700-MW Big Cajun II power plant will evaluate local conditions for growing switchgrass and high-biomass sorghum and determine if they could replace a portion of the plant’s combusted coal to reduce its carbon intensity. The project could lead to commercial-scale projects that would substitute biomass for some of the coal burned at NRG’s other carbon-intensive plants, the company said last week.

Proposed 4,440-MW Offshore Wind Farm in Lake Erie Is Awaiting Govt. Approval

Canadian Hydro Developers last week agreed to buy the rights to a proposed 4,440-MW offshore wind project—what could possibly be the largest offshore wind facility in the world—in Lake Erie from Utah-based Wasatch Wind, but the company later acknowledged that the Ontario government had not yet granted it the rights to build the farm.

EPA Pushes Regulations on GHGs from Stationary Sources

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) last week proposed a rule that would limit future regulation of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions under the Clean Air Act to industrial facilities that emit 25,000 tons or more of carbon dioxide annually. The announcement was made on the same day as Senate Democrats unveiled the “Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act,” indicating increased pressure on Congress to pass comprehensive climate legislation.

Russian Report Finds Hydroelectric Plant Catastrophe Resulted from Negligence, Laxity

The catastrophe at the 6,400-MW Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric plant that killed 75 workers in southern Siberia on Aug. 17 had a number of contributing causes, including design, operation, and repair drawbacks, an investigative report released last week by the Russian industrial safety regulator Rostekhnadzor said. But the agency also pointed fingers at six high-ranking officials, saying that the accident resulted from their “negligence, laxity, and a lack of engineering thinking.”


CWP Grounding Clamps

ERICO has developed a range of CWP grounding clamps that are ideal for use in applications including lightning protection, fault current ground, signal reference grid, and static ground. The clamps help minimize the possibility of damage from a lightening strike or other transient voltage by reducing the electrical potential between metallic objects and building systems. […]


Wind Power Converters

Independent designer, manufacturer, and service provider of energy control and optimization solutions Woodward Governor Co. recently started production of its CONCYCLE wind power converters in the U.S. The electric power convertor units are designed for use with wind turbines with a power range of 1 MW to 10 MW for onshore and offshore applications. Woodward […]


Small-Diameter Split Frame

E.H. Wach’s newly launched Small Diameter Split Frame (SDSF) is an externally mounted machine tool for cutting, beveling, and counterboring pipe from 0.84 inch to 4.5 inch diameter. Featuring a self-squaring clamping system for precise cutting results that are typically available only with fixed machine tools, the SDSF is also capable of performing socket weld […]


Water-Saving Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

The design of Nash’s new ECO-FLO builds on the company’s previous liquid ring vacuum pump models. While it offers the same reliability, performance, and operating costs, the ECO-FLO reduces water usage by up to 50%. The inlet and discharge piping are unchanged, and the upgraded model uses an existing base, motor, and drive. ECO-FLO is […]