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The Theory and Application of Acoustic Cleaners

Sonic sootblowers and acoustic cleaners were once thought to be a last-chance alternative to difficult ash build-up problems. However, the technology has proven to be effective over years of service in

A new method for corrosion prevention

Corrosion monitoring, control and prevention is an ongoing battle in today’s power plants. Two of the strongest indicators of how well that battle is being waged is to monitor the corrosive salts of chloride and sulfate.

Solar Plant Aims to be ‘Benchmark of Excellence’

The Veltoor facility in India has been honored for its cutting-edge technology, which helps maximize its energy production. The project also is notable for the developer’s commitment to communities near the

Solar Baseload in the Kalahari: Kathu Solar Park

A greenfield concentrated solar power (CSP) project with novel parabolic trough technology and a molten storage system has revitalized a remote region. But the project is also laudable for its social

POWER Digest—September 2019

Kenya Launches Africa’s Largest Wind Farm. Kenya in July began operating the 310-MW Lake Turkana Wind Power (LTWP) facility, which the government said is Africa’s largest wind power farm. The LTWP project

Decarbonizing the Power Sector with Renewable Gas

One way to help decarbonize the electric grid is through the use of renewable hydrogen, that is, hydrogen produced from renewable power resources. The process involves using excess wind and solar power during

Pipeline Deal Means More U.S. Natural Gas for Mexico Power Plants

Mexico is preparing to import more U.S. natural gas to supply the country’s gas-fired power plants and industrial facilities after the Mexican government reached a deal that will allow several stalled pipeline projects to be completed. Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez-Obrador on Aug. 27 said his administration’s deal with Canadian pipeline operator TC Energy; IEnova, […]

Germany Announces $44.4 Billion Plan to Lessen Impact of Coal Plant Closures

German officials on Aug. 28 approved a plan to spend as much as €40 billion ($44.4 billion) over the next 20 years on projects designed to lessen the impact of the country’s complete move away from coal-fired power generation. Peter Altmaier, the country’s economy minister, said the money will become available after lawmakers pass legislation […]