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Flipping the Switch: Why Utilities Need to Shed Light Now on Carbon Risk

Carbon is poised to become an auditable and verifiable reporting requirement for American business. Because utilities are among the organizations with the most at stake in a carbon-constrained economy, they should proactively tackle carbon management and carbon accounting in spite of uncertainties about the precise formulation of the final regulatory framework. In short, whether a carbon accounting requirement is legislative, administrative, or driven by business partners and consumers, now is the time for utilities to act.

DOE Mission Support

The National Academy of Public Administration faults the U.S. Department of Energy on human resource management, contract controls, and financial management.

Nuclear Roundup

The economic downturn hits Entergy Corp. and Bruce Power.

Falling Demand Leads TVA to Trim New Reactor Plans

TVA scales back plans to revitalize new nuclear construction at its Bellefonte plant, suggesting that it will scrap plans for new units at the site and perhaps focus on its unbuilt unit that has been mothballed for 25 years.

Utility Customer Satisfaction: A Faith-Based Initiative?

Does customer satisfaction play a meaningful role in guiding utility operations? Many utilities think it does, as do many regulators. The market apparently doesn’t. Data suggest that the jury is out on the question, and the intuitive answer may not match the empirical evidence.

Nuclear Loan Guarantees Have Failed

Nuclear loan guarantees in the 2005 Energy Policy Act have proven to be a failure: not just too little, but far too late.

Utilities Survive Credit Woes, So Far

So far, U.S. electricity generators have managed to survive the current credit slump and financial collapse, but their viability could suffer if the economy continues to deteriorate and credit markets remain tight.