10 Quotes Concerning Energy Transformation from the ARPA-E Summit

The sixth annual ARPA-E Summit wrapped up on Wednesday, and though there were too many sessions to cover in depth, here is a mini-summary by way of selected interesting comments. Speaker photos (where available) follow the comment.

“Any disruptive technology will not fit an existing market.”

—Brian Janous, Director of Energy Strategy, Microsoft


“[The energy industry] is not an innovation-centered industry.”

—Janet Napolitano, President, University of California


“The biggest challenge is resisting change.”

—Doyle Beneby, President and CEO, CPS Energy


“Innovate or die.”

—Dr. John Wall, Vice President and Chief Technical Officer, Cummins Inc.


“We are way underinvested in basic research and development.”

—Henry M. (Hank) Paulson Jr., Founder and Chairman, Paulson Institute


“We need innovators in governors’ mansions and public utility commissions.”

—Alex Lasky, President and CEO, Opower


“The solar industry in California employs more than the three big utilities combined.”

—Lyndon Rive, Founder and CEO, SolarCity


“Today, new technologies permit things to happen that cannot happen with traditional technologies.”

—Ratan Tata, Chairman Emeritus, Tata Sons


“[Carbon capture] is the single most important technology when it comes to climate change.”

—Tore Amundsen, CEO, Gassnova SF


“Carbon capture is not a coal technology only.”

—Dr. Larry Baxter, Professor, Brigham Young University


For more on the event, see “ARPA-E Summit Takes the Pulse of Energy Technology Innovation.”

Gail Reitenbach, PhD, editor (@GailReit, @POWERmagazine)

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