White Paper

Sit/Stand Consoles in Today’s Plant Control Rooms

For any successful organization, a key attribute is providing employees with a healthy workplace environment. In demanding control room areas, employees are often required to sit tethered to their consoles and workstations for extended periods of time. Over the years, studies have shown that sedentary lifestyles-whether at work or home-can cause pain, fatigue, stress and other detrimental conditions. Movement throughout the day is very important as it helps keep the spine, circulation and muscles healthy when compare to prolonged inactivity, which can have adverse effects. Obviously, it can have a tremendous impact on worker productivity.

Fortunately, new technical furniture advancements, such as height-adjustable consoles, workstations and desks are just one of many tools designed to keep up with changing practices in control room environments. This paper examines some of the current research around physical movement in the workplace and provides some options for employers and workers.