On-line Silica and Phosphate Measurement to Protect Power Plant Assets

In power plants, water is the lifeblood of the electrical generating process. The characteristics of water/steam impact overall performance. Preventing silica deposition on assets and ensuring proper dosage of phosphate to prevent corrosion are critical.

With power generation companies facing a multitude of challenges ranging from tightening budgets to making operations more flexible, proper monitoring and control throughout the water/steam cycle enables plants to maximize reliability, safety and profitability. It begins with setting the foundations—monitoring the right chemicals at the right time and under budget. This has led to the growing importance of chemical-specific analyzers, including those for silica and phosphate, to provide dependable, automated, on-line measurements.

And more topics included in this whitepaper:

  • The importance of on-line analysis
  • Silica in the power plant water cycle
  • Phosphate boiler water treatment