The Economy of Energy: Renewables and the Future

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This webinar presents a high-level overview of the economics of the energy evolution. Bernadette Johnson, a leading energy economist and GM of Power & Renewables at Enverus, explores the transformative shifts in the industry propelled by the increased adoption of renewables in a facts-first approach. She focuses on the seismic changes sweeping the energy landscape and distinguishes between a mere transition to a true energy evolution.

As the race to decarbonize intensifies by 2050, with electrons emerging as the preferred energy source, join to uncover:

-Investment activity, including costs & risks across different energy technologies
-LCOE declines driving competition and opportunities for various technologies
-Inflation Reduction Act’s effects on project queues and investment

This webinar is a pragmatic view of what energy leaders must consider amidst the ongoing energy evolution. Participants will emerge with foresight into an era defined by the co-existence of traditional and renewable energy and what we should consider for the future. Considering the headwinds alongside the tailwinds is a must for uncovering opportunities and risks in the energy space.