Role of simulation in the digital twin for energy and process industries

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Use physics-based simulation for optimal designs

Energy and chemical industry processes are complex. Using simulation to understand complexity creates opportunities to deploy the insights to your businesses’ advantage. Physics-based simulation models, at varied length scales, allow engineers to capture this complexity and use it to explore design and operating spaces to find optimum conditions.

Deploying insights from simulation into operations

Deploy simulation insights into operations using executable digital twins. With digital twins, your engineers can determine the ideal design before the unit goes into production. Operations engineers can react to real-time product disturbances based on the deep insights gained during R&D.

Key requirements for physics-based simulation

The need to investigate problems across all lengths and time scales is one of the essential requirements for physics-based simulation. An engineering team may need a fit-for-purpose tool for a given scale. If multiple tools are required, integration must be seamless while offering a simple-to-use workflow.

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