Available on demand until June 15, 2022


Analytics has the potential to deliver an economic impact of between $4 trillion and $11 trillion by 2025, according to McKinsey & Company. It presents a massive opportunity, but also massive confusion. Where to start? How to start? What models to apply where? What types of problems can analytics solve?

Advanced analytics can transition power producers from a reactive operations and maintenance approach to a predictive or prognostic strategy. This actionable intelligence—built directly into the automation platform—unleashes efficiencies that improve operational situational awareness across traditional, renewable and battery storage generation segments. Ultimately, it reduces overall costs while increasing plant safety, reliability and availability.

Foundational to this capability is a holistic automation platform that allows information to flow from generating assets through an intelligence framework to the enterprise.

Join us for a panel discussion with utility and industry experts about how to turn vast amounts of data into insights that drive proactive decisions to boost operational performance at all levels—from simple equipment and complex processes to units and across entire generating fleets.

The panel will discuss real-life examples of how AI—Actionable Intelligence—can alert and guide operators to take immediate, specific action or direct the control system to do the same, to avert future, potentially catastrophic equipment or process failures at renewable or fossil plants.