Available on demand until April 22, 2021


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Today’s emerging and continual response to the rapidly growing COVID-19 is creating new ways of doing business. Many are focused on prevention of the spread, while others consider the “what if” and recovery. In this webinar, you will hear from a few experts who are executing business continuity plans.

Topic areas include: Business Continuity Planning and Plan Execution, Pandemic Preparation, Essential Services Considerations

Webinar Objectives:
• Understand the four-pronged approach for securing needed supplies and equipment to control exposure to COVID-19 or other pandemics.
• Learn current challenges and solutions from insiders charged with managing their company’s response to COVID-19.
• Discover what leaders would do differently based on their experiences dealing with COVID-19.
• Determine who is essential to be on-site and who may be better off working remotely.
• Gauge the effectiveness of various responses to a pandemic and consider alternatives that could be more successful.
• Contemplate what a full recovery will look like.

All essential business personnel should attend.