Learning How to Avoid the Brain Drain – Attracting/Retaining/Training in Today’s Contentious Power Environment

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The power industry is facing a number of challenges, including an aging workforce, a lack of interest in the industry, and the need to transition to a digitalized era. These challenges are leading to a brain drain, as qualified employees leave the industry for other opportunities.
One of the biggest challenges facing the power industry is retaining plant operating and maintenance knowledge when legacy employees retire. This knowledge is essential for the safe and efficient operation of power plants, and it can be difficult to replace.
Another challenge facing the power industry is attracting employees to the industry. The power industry is often seen as a dirty and dangerous industry, and it can be difficult to compete with other industries for talent.
The speakers in this webinar are industry experts who have a wealth of experience in attracting and retaining top talent in the power industry. They will share their insights and best practices with you.

• Attracting the next generation of talent – how do you design job descriptions and departments to align with their values and goals?
• Retaining legacy knowledge – how do you effectively implement programs when you have multiple generations of talent who may have conflicting goals?
• Designing departments and job roles to work effectively across all internal organizations