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As Latin America and the Caribbean region (LAC) continue to diversify their energy mix and introduce more renewables to power grids, the need to supplement those efforts with fast-start, reliable power has never been greater. The variability of hydropower and extreme weather events in the region have left many without power, increasing the requirement for power solutions that provide energy security and resiliency when the region needs it most.

Join POWER Magazine, Mitsubishi Power Aero, the International Energy Agency, and the United States Energy Association for an in-depth, live discussion covering:
• The evolving energy landscape in Latin America and the Caribbean, current energy challenges, and the corresponding economic opportunities.
• The importance of implementing backup power solutions—specifically aero-derivatives—to manage unpredictable supply fluctuations due to extreme weather events.
• Innovative solutions for balancing energy efficiency, grid reliability, and resilience
• Importance of collaboration among governments, utilities, and stakeholders to enhance grid reliability, resilience, and the successful integration of renewable energy sources in the region.