How to diagnose sealed transformer air leaks with superior measurements

Live on May 30, 2024 REGISTER

Power transformers must be operational for decades, especially with lead times for new units extending years out from order dates. Ensuring a transformer is safely and efficiently functioning can be determined by insulation paper degradation which is negatively impacted by ambient air leaks. Detecting air ingress is essential to maintaining the lifespan of a transformer particularly under higher loads. It is critical that transformer maintenance teams and managers ensure the airtightness of transformer tanks through straightforward methods to mitigate the risk of premature aging and failure.

Join this expert-led webinar to learn how total gas pressure (TGP) integrated with real-time DGA provides an ideal solution for decision-makers. We’ll share how the combination of these two measurements is superior to actual O2 and N2 concentration information in assessing whether the insulation system is exposed to oxygen and creating an appropriate response plan for repairing the sealing system and oil degassing.

Both traditional and innovative techniques for detecting air leaks in power transformers will be shared. While traditional methods have been effective to some extent, they may lack simplicity or precision. In contrast, the TGP method combined with online DGA monitoring offers a straightforward yet comprehensive approach to assessing the airtightness of transformer tanks. This claim will be supported with data from various use cases to highlight that TGP can enhance the ability to efficiently detect and mitigate air leaks, ultimately improving the reliability and lifespan of power transformers in their infrastructure.