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The journey to net zero, powered by aggressive decarbonization to achieve sustainability goals, is accelerating transformation of the energy landscape. Efficient and reliable grid management is becoming more complex as renewable and distributed energy resources are increasingly added to the power network.

Overcoming this complexity requires innovative software and technologies that dynamically manage power generation, transmission and distribution. Establishing seamless integration between local, at-the-source control technology to centralized operational control at the utility is key for optimizing resources in real-time while maintaining overall system reliability.

Sustainable grid solutions transform unpredictable renewable and distributed energy into predictable, reliable power through end-to-end network management. With real-time load forecasting, operational visibility and analytics across the power network, decision making becomes easier and more precise. Renewable and distributed energy resources are seamlessly incorporated into your traditional energy mix, maximizing efficiency and reliability between generation and consumer.

Join Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) and industry experts as they discuss how to implement a comprehensive approach to real-time, integrated advanced control of traditional, renewable and distributed energy resources across the power network for a reliable, sustainable grid.