Entergy Grows Revenue, Increases Customer Satisfaction with Value-Added Services

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Historically, regulated industries like energy utilities have been slow to adapt to disruptive technologies compared to more competitive industries. But now, with new energy competitors and solutions emerging all the time, pressure to innovate and retain customers is mounting.

Now, forward-thinking utilities like Entergy are offering customers a suite of value-added services to differentiate themselves and improve customer satisfaction. Value-added services are broadly defined as a utility’s programmatic offerings to customers outside the traditional business of delivering safe, reliable, and affordable power and gas.
Entergy is growing revenue and customer engagement across several programs, including:
• LED lighting
• EV charging infrastructure consulting
• Power Through Resiliency-as-a-Service

Enchanted Rock’s Allan Schurr, Chief Commercial Officer, and Entergy’s Cory Ramsel, VP of Portfolio Marketing, Sales and Customer Insights, will share insights and milestones from their recent program launch. In this webinar you will learn:
• How leading utilities are retaining customers with value-added services
• Tips for choosing the right services for your regulatory model
• How to create Resiliency-as-a-Service program, including go to market
• Why now is the best time to utilize value-added services to balance customer needs for resiliency and the grid’s need for fast-ramp capacity

You should attend this informative webinar if you are a utility leader seeking to improve large C&I customer relationships.