Available on demand until November 1, 2024


Utility companies are dedicated to a clean energy future, but they face challenges in complying with complex regulations. Nearly every state has adopted, or is considering, green energy legislation. This includes building benchmarking mandates, mandatory GHG reduction bills, and goals to transition to low carbon electricity.

Utilities are critical participants in these mandates: aggregating and submitting data to ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager on behalf of their commercial customers, tracking and reducing carbon emissions, and engaging with customers to help them reduce energy usage. This webinar is for both utility companies that are already facing these mandates, and those looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Utility leaders will:
— Understand the North American energy benchmarking, GHG tracking, and sustainability legislation compliance landscape
— Hear How Utilities across North America are complying with energy and benchmarking mandates
— Stay valued business and community partners to your customers through the energy transition
— Learn about EnergyCAP’s hands off solutions to help utilities automate the ENERGY STAR data aggregation and submission process, provide customers with energy data access, and set and track their GHG emission reduction goals

Join EnergyCAP experts for this informative webinar and learn how to meet your building benchmarking, data transparency, and GHG emission reduction goals.