This year’s ELECTRIC POWER Exhibition will feature the latest technologies and services from approximately 500 companies. Get a preview of some of the exhibitor offerings here. For the entire offerings, you’ll have to visit the show floor in Chicago this May. (You’ll find all the event information here.)

This exhibitor preview is arranged alphabetically by company name (in bold). If you know the name of the company you’re looking for, click the first letter of the company name to go to that section. If you’re just browsing, titles indicate the equipment or service being offered. Or, to find a particular type of product, search this page by keying Ctrl-F (PC) or Command-F (Mac) and then typing the keyword(s) in the box at the bottom or top of your browser window.

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New Super Portable Inspection Camera to be Introduced at the Electric Power Conference

Advanced Inspection Technologies

Advanced Inspection Technologies (AIT) introduces a new portable pipe inspection camera. The Sidewinder™ is an inspection camera designed for industrial, HVAC, welding, cleaning validation, law enforcement and other applications. The new hand held inspection camera can inspect boiler tubes, heat exchangers, floors drains, process lines steam line, HVAC, ducts and other difficult to reach areas up to a distance of 100 feet (30 Meters).

The new portable hand held push camera weighs in at only 4.5 pound (2.0 Kg) and can snake through pipes as small as 19.0mm (.75 inch). This is the first inspection camera to break the barriers of portability while offering a true high-resolution image and advanced features. The Sidewinder™ will be a welcome tool for remote visual inspection professionals across a wide range of industries. Advanced Inspection Technologies expects robust sales of the Sidewinder™ inspection camera due to the advanced features, portability and low price.

The new Sidewinder™ inspection camera offers users a variety of useful features: A tough stainless steel cable reel offers a durable system, high resolution 720 x 480 pixel imager for the clearest images, water proof 30-meter fiberglass/stainless steel reinforced push rod with water-tight connectors for durability, a brilliant adjustable LED light illuminates the area being inspected, still images and video can be recorded on the removable 16 GBSD memory card, the internal battery can be recharged for 3 hours of continuous operation.

“One of the neatest things about the new Sidewinder™ is the detachable wireless LCD video screen. This gives inspectors a lot of flexibility on the job site," said Paul Fitzgerald, President and CEO, Advanced Inspection Technologies.

The Sidewinder™ inspection camera is designed for industrial remote visual inspection at power generation, petrochemical, process, food and pharmaceutical plants. Law enforcement officials and other professionals will also find the portability and features of the new video borescope useful. Applications include: HVAC, industrial and commercial pipes, boiler tubes, process lines, floor drains, bore holes and plumbing.

About Advanced Inspection Technologies: Headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, AIT is the industry leader in the sales and rental of Remote Visual Inspection equipment. AIT provides unparalleled 24×7 borescope rentals and infrared rentals, as well as foreign object search and retrieval tools. AIT’s rental services and products enable companies to inspect machinery, facilities and infrastructure in the safest, quickest and most cost-effective manner possible. AIT’s products have been used to improve the inspection process in all industries where image quality, safety, security and accuracy are of the highest concern, such as aviation, electric power generation, petro-chemical, manufacturing, predictive maintenance and infrastructure.

Experience in providing engineering services to the Power Generation, Industrial Cogeneration, and Renewable Energy Industries

Since our inception 28 years ago, Ambitech has been providing power producers with design, engineering, procurement and construction management services on projects ranging from small capital and expense revamps to $100 Million EPCm expansions.  We possess extensive experience in providing engineering services to the Power Generation, Industrial Cogeneration, and Renewable Energy Industries.   We provide the following engineering design services (both conceptual and detailed) to clients in this market:  combustion, piping, supports & stress analysis, material handling, emission control, water and waste water, electrical interconnection interface, and instrumentation and controls.  We also provide project support services such as project management, estimating, economic analyses, scheduling and construction management.  We employ over 575 engineering and design staff located in seven offices throughout North America.

More about Ambitech Engineering Corporation:
• We perform single plant modifications to system-wide refurbishment work; our technical design services for capital projects are scalable and cost-effective.
• We provide technical input to owners to assist in the selection and implementation of the most reliable and cost-effective pollution control technology suited to each owner’s specific assets.
• We possess engineering controls and automation expertise to add or upgrade existing controls systems in power stations or industrial powerhouses.
• We possess a “whatever it takes” attitude to meeting engineering challenges and helping our clients to succeed.
We look forward to discussing your needs and the opportunity to be of service!

Educating the Boiler Assessment Community

American Association of Boiler Assessment (ABBA)
A nonprofit scientific society dedicated to serving the Boiler assessment community which includes individuals, vendors and end users. Through our association we provide principles, information, certification and improved technology on the science and quality of boiler assessment and boiler assessors.

AABA is focused on industry and member technical needs. We are motivated and energized by their involvement. We disseminate standards, educational materials, ideas and concepts through formal regimented training programs, qualification, personnel certification, conferences, and seminars.

AABA provides and sanctions educational instructors, manuals and certification programs to advance the worth of our assessment community.

Boiler Assessment professionals including technicians, scientists and engineers progress through research, training, and certification for the overall safety and reliability for boiler users, employees, and contractors worldwide.

AABA is currently the only central authority on the training, certification, development, for the Boiler Assessment community.

AABA is managed by a board of directors from positions throughout the boiler users and boiler assessment field.

New Local Language Versions of Products in aspenONE®

Aspen Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: AZPN), a leading provider of software and services to the process industries including Power, announced the release of new local language versions of operation and supply chain products in the 7.2 release of aspenONE V7 software.
• Local language versions are now available for Aspen IP.21 Process Browser, Aspen PIMS, Aspen Plant Scheduler and other products in the aspenONE Operations & Supply Chain suite.  
• These localized products join a large portfolio of aspenONE Engineering and aspenONE Manufacturing & Supply Chain products already available in local languages.  
• Local language aspenONE software makes it possible for AspenTech customers to train employees faster and standardize their operations on aspenONE to achieve superior financial and operating results. 
• Local language versions of aspenONE products are available in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, in addition to English. 

For more information click here for the full press release

Cost-effective DIN-rail Fanless Embedded System, with Intelligent AXView Package –rBOX200

The rBOX200 features IP30 protected housing with a slim form factor, a wide temperature operation, DIN-rail mounting capability, and redundant power input for industrial automation applications.

City of Industry, March 8, 2011- Axiomtek introduces its cost-effective yet wide-temperature rBOX200 Din-rail fanless embedded system for solutions used in unconstrained thermal environments like power plant automation, facility monitoring systems, manufacturing automation, transportation systems, and more. The cost-effective rBOX200 comes with a low-power AMD LX800 processor with extended temperature range of -40°C to +70°C. Its 8-in/out DIO port provides users with digital device connections. It features a redundant Ethernet connection that provides greater availability and reliability. With a built-in VGA output interface, the rBOX200 is suitable to use with SCADA systems. Addes are multiple built-in serial ports and USB 2.0 ports that enable fast data computation and acquisition. To streamline implementation of management applications, Axiomtek has launch ‘AXView” monitoring software package for customers to build their own management systems easily and quickly.

The low power yet rugged rBOX200 will be available by early May 2011. For more product information, please visit or contact our sales representative at [email protected]


New Tamper to Help Balfour Beatty Rail, Inc. Meet Power Plants’ Maintenance Requirements

Balfour Beatty Rail, Inc.
Balfour Beatty Rail, Inc. has acquired new centralized surfacing equipment that will help the company better respond to power plants’ stringent requirements for rail maintenance. The new Harsco MKIV Jupiter II tamper joined the fleet on March 7, 2011, at the company’s Gillette, Wyo., location. Plans are in place to add another tamper this year and another in 2012.

The machine lifts, lines and tamps the track to maintain correct cross level and gauge. Laser technology helps the operator to surface fit and remove line swings in tangent track, keeping the track safe for the heavy coal trains that plants depend on.

“We realize that power plants have specific needs for upkeep of track, and this will help us better address them,” said Mark Snailham, vice president of the company’s Rail Services division. “There’s a growing need for these services across the industry, so Balfour Beatty Rail is enhancing its operations accordingly. This equipment acquisition is part of a growing fleet and we look forward to putting even more tampers out on the nation’s rails in the years ahead.”

Snailham added that Balfour Beatty Rail’s surfacing fleet works under highly experienced oversight. “Our average tamper operator has nine years of surfacing experience,” he said. “With this level of  experience amongst our operators,  our production rates regularly exceed industry standards. We also cross-train our tamper and regulator operators, which keeps personnel-related downtime to a bare minimum.”

Using state-of-the-art equipment, the crew can surface turnouts, crossings and curves – either best fit or engineering designed. Balfour Beatty Rail applies consistent and rigorous safety standards to the entire process, and a preventative maintenance program prevents delays by cutting down on equipment failures.

Balfour Beatty Rail, Inc. provides construction and maintenance services for the public and private railroad markets. The company’s services include industry-leading design, engineering, construction and maintenance for Class 1 and regional/short line freight, industrial railroads, ports, and rail transit authorities. Headquartered in Atlanta, Balfour Beatty Rail, Inc. is part of Balfour Beatty plc, a global engineering, construction, services and investment business organization specializing in large infrastructure and building programs.


Belt Conveyor Guarding
Belt Conveyor Guarding is an industry leader in providing safety guarding solutions for a range of mining and industrial
equipment, in a variety of industries including power generation. The company has recently increased their focus on
Safety Guarding Assessments and sees them as a great tool to increase safety awareness throughout North America.
Safety Guarding Assessments are designed to assist in recognizing and controlling safety hazards in the workplace.
The safety report provides a detailed breakdown of hazards, while outlining industry compliant solutions designed to
make the workplace safer. Key benefits of an assessment are: recognizing hazards, improving ineffective guarding
systems, educating stakeholders on proper guarding procedures as well as increasing productivity.

For more information on our Safety Guarding Assessments, please visit us at
or stop by booth #1220 at the Electric Power Conference and Exhibition. To book an assessment, contact us at
866-300-6668 or at [email protected]

BIC Alliance Offers Expertise In Recruiting Services, Mergers/Acquisitions

BIC Alliance
BIC Recruiting, the talent acquisition division of BIC Alliance, helps recruit the best of the best in management, operations, sales and marketing professionals for its clients. Dedicated to saving clients the time and expense of locating candidates on their own, BIC Recruiting finds the right people for the right jobs. 

Over the past year, BIC Recruiting has grown and added recruiters to its experienced team. In addition, by working with IVS Investment Banking, BIC Recruiting also has expertise in the placement of C-level executives for employers in existing as well as new positions where mergers and acquisitions have occurred.

IVS Investment Banking, the sister company of BIC Alliance, enables the BIC Alliance companies to be a one-stop shop not only for marketing but also for merger and acquisition matchmaking, investment banking and recapitalization.

IVS Investment Banking works with management teams in acquiring manufacturing, distribution and service oriented businesses in the petrochemical, refining, power generation, environmental, construction, marine, and pulp and paper industries. Over the course of their careers, IVS principals have worked on M&A transactions whose aggregate value has totaled in excess of $1 billion.

For more information, visit or call Jeremy Osterberger at (281) 538-9996.


Bulwark Protective Apparel
This year, Bulwark Protective Apparel introduced a new shirt that is everything but uniform, the SLU8.  The SLU8 is constructed of lightweight 6oz. Excel FR® ComforTouch®, which is FR treated 88% Cotton/ 12% Nylon.  It is also HRC2 with an Arc Rating of ATPV 8.7 calories/cm². Now we’re talking about protection and comfort.

There are so many invaluable features of the SLU8 Uniform Shirt. The side seam gussets are built in to give you more room to reach & stretch while you work. The added room allows the shirt to stay in place while you work. The banded collar keeps the shirt looking professional while the topstitched collar without buttons keeps you looking relaxed. The chest pockets have button flaps to keep your gadgets secure. The left pocket also includes a pencil stall so you can always have a writing utensil handy.

The SLU8 is currently available in two colors: Khaki and Navy. Bulwark recommends that SLU8 be either home washed or processed as light soil in a laundry.

For more information and to see Bulwark’s complete line of products, visit


Passive Dust Control Technology for 6,000 tph PRB Coal Transfer Chute

CCC Group, Inc
CCC Group, Inc., an industrial contractor and specialty engineering provider, announces successful design and replacement of a 6,000tph PRB coal transfer chute with new passive dust control technology, the Smart Chute® Transfer System with Air Restrictors (Patent Pending).

The new system had to handle a large variation in material volumes (2,500- 6,000tph) and varying moisture content.  As additional challenges, the head-chute design had to retain an existing magnetic separator and the project had an extremely compressed project schedule.

The CCC Group design team incorporated Smart Chute® Transfer System Technology through the use of Air Restrictor gates which automatically self adjust to material capacity variations.  The Air Restrictors cut off the pathway of the induced airflow by closing the gap between the material stream and the chute wall.  This design stops the air from rushing through the transfer chute without interrupting or decelerating the flow of material.  DEM was used to create three-dimensional models to simulate smooth coal flow and center loading for varying material volumes.

The Smart Chute® Transfer System is an elegant and cost effective way to passively control dust.  For more information about CCC Group email [email protected].


Conco Systems, Inc.
Conco Systems has launched their newest service for power generation customers called Total Condenser Performance™.  The program focuses on eliminating tube related forced outages and improving condenser efficiency through the coordination of services on a regular maintenance schedule.  Total Condenser Performance™ features tube cleaning, eddy current and leak detection services delivered through a patented system designed and developed by Conco.

“With tube related forced outages on the rise, we’ve created a program that takes the guesswork out of condenser maintenance for our power generation customers” says Eric Fayard, Manager of Conco’s Marketing Communications Department.  “According to plant managers, efficiency, reliability and availability are the core concerns they focus on with regards to their condensers.  Total Condenser Performance™ helps to achieve all of these goals in a simple, efficient process.”  Total Condenser Performance services will be available globally through Conco’s network of offices located in North America, Europe and Australia, as well as a network of licensed distributors.

Conspec Controls CO Monitor for Coal Handling and Storage Applications

Conspec Controls CO
If you will be in attendance at the 2011 Electric Power Conference Conspec Controls would like to invite you to stop by booth #1219. 

With an increased concern for personnel safety, facility and equipment protection, and a need for increased productivity Conspec Controls CX0352 series CO monitor is fast becoming an industry standard in coal handling operations.  Conspec monitors offer a simple and cost effective solution for the early detection of hazardous conditions to help mitigate costly fires or explosions.

All Conspec monitors can serve as complete, stand-alone equipment or can be integrated into a Conspec PLC, a preexisting PLC or a SCADA network. These monitors can be tied to a central computer, where alarming, and historical storage and trending can take place.  The CX series has an industry standard 4 – 20mA output, Mod-bus protocol, or dry relay contacts. 

We welcome the opportunity to discuss specific applications at your facility in offering the Conspec solution to enhance safety at your facility.  Whether you are adding a new system or working with an existing system, we look forward to seeing you at the show to share our knowledge and experience.



Englo Dust Extraction Technology: Rotary Car Dumper System

Engart, Inc.
New technology to control fugitive dust generated by rotary car dumpers:

Englo Dust Extraction Technology recently completed the successful implementation of its Wet Dust Extraction system to control fugitive Coal dust generated at a rail-car rotary dumper. This particular coal terminal has averaged handling approximately 14 million tons of coal per and for many years had experienced the typical problems associated with dry collectors that handle combustible dust. 

A major consideration for the implementation of the Englo wet system was the reduction of explosion risk associated with controlling and collecting airborne coal dust.  Other considerations for replacement of the dry collectors include problems associated with the wetted dust particles blinding of filter media and continuous bag maintenance.

Englo developed the larger wet dust extractor to accommodate the air volume requirements that are associated with rail car dumps.  These larger dust extractors will enable Englo to meet a need for rail car unloading facilities in all industries nationwide whether combustible and non-combustible particulate is the issue.


Environmental Energy Services, Inc. (EES)

Environmental Energy Services, Inc. (EES), has received positive customer feedback from the first deployments of a turnkey slag cleaning service called ChemVactor™.

ChemVactor will be a focus of EES’ official’s attendance and booth exhibit (Booth # 553) at the 2011 Electric Power Conference & Exhibition May 18-20 in Baltimore, Maryland.

EES will also demonstrate and deliver a paper on the company’s Pentol SO3 Analyzer and the impact of continuous SO3 monitoring on plant O&M costs.

The ChemVactor process involves High Temperature Probe (HTP) tests in order to obtain a chemical profile of deposits formed. A chemical blend and dosage plan for a specific area is developed and followed by a cleaning service where EES provides chemicals, injection systems, soot blower nozzle retrofit, expertise and supervision to complete the job.

EES’ Pentol SO3 Analyzer has been made popular due to increased deployment of catalytic reduction (SCR) and wet flue gas desulfurization (FGD) to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) and sulfur dioxide (SO2) levels at America’s coal plants that increases harmful Sulfur Trioxide (SO3) generation.

Contact: EES Clean Coal Solutions
Mark Pastore, Vice President
Environmental Energy Services, Inc.
[email protected]
Phone: 203-270-0337


Diesel Generator Sets for Emergency Power Back Up to the Nuclear Power Industry

Fairbanks Morse Engine
Fairbanks Morse Engine is the leading supplier of diesel generator sets for emergency power back up to the nuclear power industry. We design, manufacture, and test our diesel generator sets to ensure that they comply with all pertinent NRC requirements. With over 100 generators currently in place in nuclear power plants across the U.S., Fairbanks Morse Engine has a proven track record for delivering reliable emergency backup power, onsite diesel generator set service support, factory-direct engineering services, and OEM replacement parts.

Most recently, Fairbanks Morse Engine has been awarded a contract to supply six safety related Fairbanks Morse Colt-Pielstick PC2.6B Emergency Diesel Generator sets (EDGs) to Toshiba America Nuclear Energy Corp. (TANE) for installation at Units 3 & 4 of the STP Nuclear Operating Company in Matagorda County, Texas.

The EDGs will be manufactured and tested at the Fairbanks Morse Engine facility in Beloit, Wisconsin, in accordance with U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) requirements for 1E safety related equipment, including 10CFR50 Appendix B, NQA-1, and IEEE 323, 344 and 387.  This milestone contract represents the first manufacture of 1E-qualified EDGs for new U.S. nuclear construction in nearly three decades. Each unit will have a continuous power output of 8130 kWe.



F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems has announced updates to its plant staff training modules to include training videos providing detailed demonstrations of inspection, testing and maintenance processes.  These supplements to F.E. Moran’s training program were added to provide a more comprehensive training curriculum for power generating plants.

Brian Ramsey, President of F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems, says “The ultimate goal of our training program is to provide power generating plants with an all-encompassing tool that enables plant staff to achieve a level of knowledge that allows them to cost-effectively perform inspection, testing and maintenance work internally.  Our experienced trainers develop a program that works with site-specific O&M manuals for plants, and impart their unparalleled expertise upon facilities that are seeking to reduce dependency on outside providers, enhance plant-staff knowledge of their fire protection systems and assure fire protection system functionality.”

F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems provides comprehensive fire protection solutions for heavy industry environments such as chemical and power plants.  As an industry leader with over 30 years of experience, high-value/high-risk facilities across the globe have trusted F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems to implement and maintain cost-effective, reliable fire protection systems.

Phone: 847-849-8720  Email: [email protected]  Web:

Be sure to catch Fuel Tech’s presentations at 2011 Electric Power – Thursday, May 12th!

Fuel Tech

The City Utilities of Springfield, MO – Southwest Power Stations Unit 1 and 2 use SCR reagent feed system provided by the ULTRA™ process; an on-line urea thermal decomposition process which provides the reagent feed to SCR systems. The ULTRA System for Unit 1 is sized at 240 PPH and Unit 2 is sized at 225 PPH of SCR reagent feed. The CUS Unit 1 SCR and reagent system was placed into commercial operation in January 2009 and has been operating successfully for approximately sixteen (16) months.

A roundtable discussion focusing on slagging and fouling control, as well as the ability to switch fuels, we will specifically be discussing case history examples of our Targeted In-Furnace Injection™ or TIFI® programs.

Furnace Mineral Products Protects Critical Boiler Components with GreenShield Ceramic Coating Technology

Furnace Mineral Products Inc.
March 1, 2011 – With the advancement of lower NOx combustion technologies and tail end flue gas treatments, coal fired power generation boilers are being retrofitted to deliver cleaner power.  The net effects of these positive changes are often higher corrosion rates and greater slag deposition in the boiler unit.  Many boiler operators are taking proactive measures with the addition of advanced ceramic coating technology to protect against these negative effects.

GreenShield Ceramic coating is designed to offer an economical solution to tube wastage and slag agglomeration.  “The technology is applied with production rates 50 times faster than any other protection technology.  This makes a big difference when a plant can’t afford to be down” said Antonio Liberatore, FMP’s General Manager.

With its fast production rate and lower installation cost, GreenShield Ceramic coating proves to be an effective and economical solution to protect critical power generating boilers. 

GreenShield Ceramic is the only technology on the market that can be applied to hard to reach boiler areas such as economizer bundles where other technologies cannot provide the same level protection.   GreenShield allows our customers to buy time by extending the life of their economizer tubes from further erosion, unprompted tube leaks and the evitable replacement.

As the industry’s greenest solution for boiler protection, every GreenShield Ceramic product is manufactured free from VOCs or other harmful ingredients, setting the standard for environmentally friendly protection of power generation boilers.  Our lineup of GreenShield Ceramic technology features our signature green color which allows for easy inspection and an unsurpassed level of performance.

Furnace Mineral Products Inc., develops and manufactures the industry leading GreenShield Ceramic coating.    FMP continues to lead the market with advancements in high temperature ceramic coating technology and application techniques designed to address to toughest boiler applications.


GERB Seismic Protection Systems for Power Plant Equipment

GERB Vibration Control Systems

As seismic demands for Power plants become more stringent, GERB is proud to introduce new seismic protection strategies for the North American Power Generation Industry. GERB dynamically uncouples power plant machinery from surrounding structures by the use of helical steel springs and viscous dampers to reduce vibration and protect buildings and machinery  inseismic and catastrophic events(i.e. plane crash).

Spring-VISCODAMPER® elements with special stiffness and viscous damping properties reduce seismic acceleration levels of turbine components and other safety or non-safety related structures. They improve seismic performance by reducing system frequencies and increasing damping resulting in lower accelerations and structural stresses. For turbine buildings, the integration of the turbine substructure into the machine building can further reduce stress levels in all structural members. Applications range from seismic protection of residential homes to air core reactors in substations, to spent fuel storage tanks in high seismic areas.

As an added benefit, implementation of GERB seismic protection systems typically yields smaller sub-foundations andfaster construction time. Visit Booth 711 for more information.


Dust Control and Erosion Prevention

Holleman Hydroseeding & Erosion Control LLC

Holleman Hydroseeding & Erosion Control LLC would like to introduce two new products for dust control and erosion prevention. Whether it be site improvements or an existing coal ash impoundment, we have your solutions.

EcoFlex™ HP is proven to surpass all hydraulically applied mulch products and rolled erosion control blankets:

• Immediately bonds directly to soil or ash (no cure time)
• Superior erosion control and dust suppression, proven to be 99% effective
• Minimizes soil/ash loss

Flexterra HP-FGM has also proven to be more environmentally friendly:

• 100% recycled wood fibers
• 100% biodegradable man-made interlocking fibers (enhances wet bond strength)
• Naturally derived biopolymers
• No nettings, threads or staples to endanger wildlife

EcoCover™ is a hydraulically applied matrix designed to provide up to four months of cost-effective dust suppression, ash stabilization and erosion control on active fly ash disposal areas. Manufactured from 100% recycled wood fibers, combined with a proprietary formulation of biopolymers and activators, EcoCover is a non-toxic, biodegradable alternative to inorganic chemical and petroleum-based dust palliatives. Once cured, this engineered matrix creates a durable, yet flexible bond with the substrate, as opposed to rigid crusts developed by inorganic stabilizers. EcoCover is the latest technology in ash stabilization and dust control.

After Hours Emergency Service

Hose Master
Hose Master is pleased to announce its new After Hours Emergency Service for metal hose and expansion joints. Utilities and power plants can rely on Hose Master Distributors to deliver an expedited response backed with factory support for critical and time sensitive situations that arise beyond normal business hours.

Available exclusively to Hose Master Distributors, this service is backed by an on-call solutions representative authorized to reopen our plants after business hours and mobilize the appropriate personnel to handle qualified emergencies
and rush situations.

With more than 50 ASME Section IX Welders, and state-of-the-art fabricating facilities located in Cleveland, Ohio, Atlanta, Georgia and Houston, Texas, Hose Master has the ability to help utilities and power plants avoid costly downtimes, while assuring that the products have been designed, tested, and built for the specific application or installation.

For more information about Hose Master’s new After Hours Emergency Service or to find a local Hose Master Distributor in your area, please contact Cathy Musgrave at 800-221-2319, or email her at [email protected] 

Visit for more details.

Largest Independent Pump Rebuilder

HydroAire, Inc.
Pump Repair is an opportunity for improvement. As the largest independent pump rebuilder in the world, Hydro works hand-in-hand with pump users to optimize the performance and reliability of their pumping systems. Hydro’s services include engineered pump rebuilding, engineered replacement parts, field and turnkey services, pump performance testing, hydraulic design modification, engineered upgrades, and pump performance testing. Hydro’s engineered solutions enable pump users to achieve equipment reliability and reduced maintenance and operation costs. Hydro recently opened a new 5000HP Test Lab in Chicago, IL, which is dedicated to the pump aftermarket. Hydro’s global network of pump aftermarket service centers offers a range of services to many markets utilizing pumps, including power generation, petroleum, steel, pulp and paper, municipal, and general industries. HydroAire’s Madison Street facility in Chicago, IL, holds the N, NR, and NPT Nuclear certifications and is a well-known service provider for safety related and ASME Code Pumps.

HydroAire, Inc.
834 West Madison
Chicago, IL  60607


Imbiber Beads® – “Reduce the Risks” –    Booth # 640

Imbibitive Technologies
Award-winning Drain Protection Systems (DPS) from Imbibitive Technologies are designed to allow rainwater to drain but automatically seal the leak path in the event of an oil release. Imbiber Beads®, used by the DPS, selectively remove organic liquids including PCBs from water.  Imbiber Beads® are discussed in the USDA-Design Guide for Oil Spill Prevention and Control at Substations REA Bulletin 655-3, USDA-Rural Development Utilities Programs Bulletin 1724E-302, USEPA final rules for SPCC compliance 40 CFR Part 112 (2002), as well as in the IEEE Guide for Containment and Control – IEEE Std. 980. 
Imbiber Beads® are the only true aBsorbent (ASTM F716) “engineered” for organic chemicals.  They are not an aDsorbent and they are not a thickener/solidifier.  Imbiber Beads® will not dissolve in excess liquid.  Water can not be absorbed by Imbiber Beads® as they are hydrophobic.

Imbiber Beads® Imbicator® (changes color) Spill Maintenance Products (Booms, Blankets, Pillows and Packets) are also available for capturing and containing compatible organic chemical (fuels, solvents, mineral oil) releases.

Please contact: Imbibitive Technologies
Phone: 1-888-843-2323; Fax: 1-877-439-2323, [email protected],

Booth demonstrations – # 640

New Removable and Fixed Stainless Steel Bollards from Innoplast

Innoplast now carries stainless steel bollards to give customers an attractive and easy-to-install facility and vehicle protection option. They are available as a fixed bollard or a removable bollard.

The stainless steel bollards from Innoplast offer a low-level of security to control pedestrian and vehicle access. The fixed stainless steel bollard creates a visible barrier that can protect facilities and parking lots.

Removable bollards can be ordered with a polished stainless steel finish or with a powder coated finish. The removable bollard includes the post and the underground parts.

Both the fixed and removable models are available in various diameters and heights to meet many needs in diverse industries.

To learn more about Stainless Steel Bollards from Innoplast, visit or call 800-516-9287.

About Innoplast
Located in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, Innoplast has a 10,000-square-foot warehouse, which provides quick turn-around for custom and stock orders.

Backed by a 5-year warranty against fading and cracking, Innoplast products include BollardGard™ bollard covers, steel pipe, parking blocks, clearance bars, flexible bollards (including removable Gorilla Post™ bollards), ornamental bollards, stainless steel bollards, speed bumps, and padded covers for columns, posts and gate arms.

Brooke Long
[email protected]


Innovative Expansion Joints

KE-Burgmann, typically associated with high quality fabric expansion joints in the international market, has new capabilities and product lines to offer their customers in power generation, oil & gas, petrochemical refining, and many diverse process industries. Their recent acquisition of Expansion Joint Systems, a US based metal expansion joint manufacturer adds engineered, custom metal expansion joints to the company’s already extensive fabric, metal and rubber product lines. KE-Burgmann specializes in critical applications such as turbine exhaust systems, HRSG boilers, heat exchangers, fluidized bed combustors, fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) and turbo expanders. Their expansive new line of expansion joints for gas turbine exhaust systems and HSRG boilers have been extremely important to their customers who depend on KE-Burgmann for eco-friendly, innovative and reliable solutions.

In addition to a complete expansion joint product line, KE-Burgmann’s customers will also benefit from access to a global service team. Our field service teams will be able to exchange and repair any combination of joints anywhere in the world within 24-48 hours. This emergency support is extremely valuable for their customers and their demand has increased over the past few years due to the decrease in budgets for preventive maintenance and replacement of equipment.

For more information, visit our website at

Two new universal testing machines and a hydrostatic tester

KnightHawk Engineering
KnightHawk Engineering has again enhanced its lab facilities with the addition of two new universal testing machines and a hydrostatic tester.  With these additions, KnightHawk Materials Lab can now perform the following testing services:

• Creep
• Poisons Ratio
• Wire Strength
• Mechanical Testing to 30,000 lbs
• Mechanical Testing of Polymers
o Creep
o Relaxation
o Slow Crack Growth
• Weld Qualification
• Fracture Mechanics
• Hydrostatic Testing to 10,000 psi

KnightHawk Materials Lab is now also offering Flow Loop Testing services as well.  All of these services greatly enhance the materials lab capabilities already in place.

Boiler feed pumps from KSB – flexible, durable, and reliable

KSB Inc.

KSB’s boiler feed pump series offer several hundred combination options in terms of the hydraulic design, which means these pumps can be optimally matched to each individual application.

The products of KSB’s boiler feed pump series constitute a variable and very flexible modular system. Intelligent matching of the individual components makes for numerous combination options in terms of the hydraulic design.
The optimum efficiency for every application

In order to optimize the efficiency, KSB selects the ideal pump impeller/diffuser combination for each individual application. Together these features give you a product that not only lead the field in quality, efficiency, and reliability, but also keeps your energy and life cycle costs down. Any time you need us, our energy is yours.

KSB, Inc. – Steve Lindgren – Tel: 804 565 8330
[email protected]


Lectrodryer:  The Hydrogen Cooled Generator Auxiliary Experts


Since 1935, Lectrodryer has been designing, engineering, manufacturing auxiliaries for hydrogen-cooled generators.  Stop by our booth at Electric Power (Booth# 701) and check out our latest innovations to our products including the BAC-50 hydrogen dryer, the Gas Optimization System, and the Fast Degas CO2 System.

The BAC-50 was developed specifically to maximize the protection of the generator while minimizing hydrogen losses.  With unique closed circuit regeneration, it purges no hydrogen during operation providing valuable hydrogen savings. This feature allows for water removal measurement which can be used as an early diagnose of other problems.  The BAC-50 also dries during turning gear or offline operation.

The Gas Optimization System is used for controlling, maintaining and monitoring the generator gas. Centered on the BAC-50 Dryer, the Gas Optimization System can include such as options the components for gas control piping, purity analyzer(s) and generator monitoring equipment.

Lectrodryer’s newest product, the Fast Degas CO2 System allows for emergency degassing (under 20 minutes) of the generator as well as reducing the time and cost involved during outages. Installed systems have reduced the gas changing steps by as much as 6 hours as well as reducing gas expenses and emissions.

Risk-based Asset Management Services

Life Cycle Engineering
In response to the needs of asset-intensive businesses that require operational stability, Life Cycle Engineering (LCE) has developed a four phase Risk-based Asset Management model to help businesses improve capacity and availability and reduce limiting factors.

Mike Poland, Director of Asset Management Services at LCE, explains, “Considering the huge impact to the environment along with the health, safety, and reputation of the companies involved, a risk-based asset management strategy that provides transparency to risk is essential for an organization’s survival. This is impossible without a formalized asset management system in place. The four phases in LCE’s Risk- based Asset Management Model – Classify, Analyze, Control, and Measure, are necessary for risk management and creating operational stability.”

Click here for more information about LCE’s Risk-based Asset Management Model
Click here to view Mike Poland’s video:  “Risk-Based Asset Management: Prep for ISO Standard Based on PAS55”

About Life Cycle Engineering:
Life Cycle Engineering provides consulting, engineering, applied technology and education solutions that deliver lasting results for private industry, the Department of Defense and other government organizations. The quality, expertise and dedication of our employees enable Life Cycle Engineering to serve as a trusted resource that helps people and organizations to achieve their full potential. Founded in 1976, LCE is headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina with offices across North America and experience around the globe.

About the Reliability Consulting Group:
LCE’s Reliability Consulting Group (RCG) provides consulting, services and education. Our team specializes in providing client-specific solutions that help organizations improve their operating performance. RCG’s 30 years of field experience has contributed greatly to the evolution of Reliability Excellence (Rx). Our Powered by Rx® approach creates reliability-centric standard practices for business processes, operational and maintenance work execution, asset reliability and organizational effectiveness. Our “diagnose before prescribing” philosophy results in providing optimal solutions to our clients’ needs, including holistic transformations based upon our Reliability Excellence Model, targeted reliability and asset management services necessary to resolve specific tactical issues that are limiting performance, and change management services vital to the success and sustainability of most initiatives.

Lift-It® Manufacturing offers the most extensive line of rigging products obtainable

Lift-It® Manufacturing
All Slings arereadily available: Web, Round, Twin-Path®, Chain and Wire Rope.

Rigging hardware: Shackles, Turnbuckles, Eye Bolts Swivel Hoist Rings are in stock for immediate shipment.

Material Handling Products: Lifting Beams, Lever Hoists, Chain Falls, Blocks, Swivels and Plate Clamps are just a phone call away.

Lift-It® Cargo Nets, Load Rated Gear Bags, Tie Down and Load Securement Products are readily available.

Fall Prevention Harnesses, Lanyards, Connectors and Anchorage Points are in stock for immediate shipment.

Specialty slings for the Power and Utility Industries have been specifically designed to enhance productivity and efficiency.  Bushing, Auger, Remote Release, Reel Lifting Slings, Dirt Slings, Reel Handlers, Street Light Pole Handling Slings and Pole Choker Slings are readily available.

We know the meaning of 24/7 service, available 365 days a year!  Call our emergency order number, 909.524-9287, day or night and critical equipment is made and shipped with no additional charge for service.

What we make and sell are the finest in sling, rigging and safety equipment.  What we really offer are safety, service and solutions.  Call us when the chips are down and we’ll make you famous!

Lincoln Electric Releases New Flextec™ 450, a Global Multi-Process Welder Designed to Deliver Performance while Providing Energy Savings

Lincoln Electric
Lincoln Electric has introduced the new Flextec™ 450, a multi-process welding power source designed specifically for fabrication, construction, automotive, production and educational applications around the globe.

The new machine features Lincoln’s Flexible Technology™, which delivers up to 500 amps of welding power and the latest inverter technology for faster arc response and considerable energy savings. The machine’s multi-process capability includes stick, Touch Start DC TIG®, MIG and flux-cored welding, as well as arc gouging.

The latest inverter technology – commonly available at a much higher price point – provides measurable advantages over conventional welders, including:
• Faster arc response for smoother arc action and more consistent bead appearance
• Low power consumption for reduced daily operational costs
• Enhanced portability, translating into 30% less weight, size and footprint

The Flextec 450 includes a compact, durable case that is IP23 rated for operation and storage in extreme field environments, and it can be purchased in preconfigured 4- and 6-pack racks for multi-user setups. It is also Desert Duty™ Rated, allowing welding outputs in extreme temperature operation up to 131Û« F (55Û« C).

Lincoln Electric’s new Flextec 450 is available at local welding distributors. Or visit to learn more.

CENTRALIGN® ULTRA EXPERT: Reduce steam and gas turbine outage time using laser alignment

Ludeca, Inc.
CENTRALIGN ULTRA was specifically developed for the alignment of steam and gas turbines. The system precisely aligns internal elements with upper halves installed or off, for distances up to 133 feet. Accurate bore measurements can be acquired without interrupting other work taking place in the turbine; saving time over traditional methods like piano wires, micrometers and optical instruments.

CENTRALIGN ULTRA assures true bore center measurement and reveals bore out of roundness. Stable wireless data transmission ensures reliable and complete data transfer of information between the measuring sensors and the computer. 

Over long distances and extended measurement periods laser stability is subject to fluctuations through variations in air density or temperature. To ensure measurement accuracy, an additional fixed sensor constantly monitors the laser drift at the far end of the machine and automatically adjusts readings to compensate for such drift.

The CENTRALIGN ULTRA brackets are specifically designed for ease of use and extremely high accuracy. Brackets can be installed in magnetic or non-magnetic bores, and tops-on or tops-off configurations, with bore diameters from 4.75” to 166.5”.

The CENTRALIGN ULTRA is enhanced with the ALIGNMENT CENTER PC Software Bore Application with exclusive turbine specific features and customizable color reports.

See the CENTRALIGN ULTRA EXPERT at Booth# 1447 Electric Power 2011.

LUDECA is a leading provider of Preventive, Predictive and Corrective Maintenance Tools including laser alignment, vibration analysis and balancing equipment as well as software, services and training.

Editorial Contact: Ana Maria Delgado
LUDECA, INC. • 305-591-8935 •

Skilled Environmental and Decommissioning Expertise to Utilities

First Smart Grid Ready Winding Temperature Hotspot Monitor

LumaSense’s Luxtron brand LumaSMART is the industry’s first Smart Grid ready winding temperature hotspot monitor. LumaSMART consists of a monitor and probe system that provides accurate, real-time temperature readings for winding hot spots in EHV/UHV/HVDC transformers, large power transformers, and reactors. Our multi-layered PFA Teflon-jacketed rugged probes are considered the highest quality probes in the industry.  In addition the LumaSMART fiber optic probe tip encapsulation ensures greater than 99% installation success.

LumaSMART is easy to use with state of the art instrumentation with a touch screen interface, all protocols, full control relay modules and memory storage for the life of the transformer. The system is completed by welded tank wall plate feed-through that prevents oil leakage. 

Along with LumaSMART, LumaSHIELD is a new addition to the LUXTRON fiber optic family of temperature monitoring solutions. LumaSHEILD is a GaAs-based temperature monitor ideal for measuring winding hot spots in distribution transformers and small power transformers with limited asset management budgets.LumaSense’s GaAs-based probes include perforated PTFE tubing, spiral wrap protective sheathing and a protective probe tip encapsulation.  These features ensure easy handling, sensor and cable integrity and protection against mechanical stresses. To find out more visit


Elite Recruiting Firm Specializing in the Power Generation and Energy Industries

Magellan Professional Solutions, Inc.

At Magellan, we specialize in identifying, pre-qualifying and placing technical and engineering candidates with experience in the power and energy sectors.  Many of our candidates have prior military service which gives them a strong skill base and technical training combined with a high level of professionalism.  Because we do not deviate from our industry niche, we have solidified our reputation as a reliable, cost effective resource for recruiting technical talent for operations, engineering, instructor and technician positions.

Through the partnerships we have built with our clients, we have developed a customized recruiting process that significantly saves time and money; a customized phone and fly event.  This method is particularly effective for clients with multiple openings.  Clients receive a line-up of pre-screened candidates who can interview at predetermined times that can flex around client work schedules. 

Magellan does not submit candidates into multiple clients like many agencies do to increase the odds of placement.  We utilize multiple methods of presenting candidates, tailoring the recruiting effort to individual client requirements.  Come visit our booth or give us a call so we can discuss how our recruiting solutions can be of benefit to your organization.

Conveyor Guards Improve Safety & Productivity

Martin Engineering
An industry leader in delivering safer, more productive bulk materials handling has announced a new generation of conveyor guards.  EVO® Conveyor Guards from Martin Engineering enable workers to do their jobs with reduced risk and greater efficiency, while helping to ensure plant compliance with safety standards and regulations.  Providing a simple, flexible and effective solution to conveyor guarding, the design helps keep personnel safe by restricting access to moving parts and pinch points.

Wedge clamps allow the guarding panels to be removed and reinstalled quickly and easily, so systems can be expanded or relocated as needed.  EVO® Conveyor Guards are self-supporting and feature a rugged modular design that installs on supplied angle iron structure, eliminating the need to attach to conveyor equipment.  Integrated handles reduce the number of parts and tools required.

The new conveyor guards conform to OSHA 29 CFR 1910.217 when installed with a minimum of 5.50 inches of clearance between the guard opening and hazard.  Standardized panels provide a systematic approach to conveyor guarding that allows custom arrangements for virtually any unique application.  Guards are available in several sizes and can be used in a variety of combinations to fit almost any conveyor design.


Inspect and Test (I&T) Options

National Electric Coil (NEC)

National Electric Coil (NEC) offers generator owners a wide range of Inspect and Test (I&T) options. Owners may wish to assure the continued reliable operation of a machine or diagnose a suspected problem during a planned outage, or they may need expertise to help analyze the evidence of failure during a forced outage. The state of the machine at the time of inspection and testing will drive the extent and type of data that can be collected. Additionally, some types of rotor inspections and tests are better accomplished using equipment and resources available at NEC’s Service facility in Columbus, Ohio. NEC has I&T programs to address any combination of needs. The following are examples of typical programs:

Entire generator at owner’s site

  • Rotor out
  • Rotor in

Rotor only at owner’s site

Rotor only at NEC TG Service facility

Stator only at owner’s site

  • Rotor out
  • Rotor in

Problem-specific troubleshooting

  •  Short, Ground, Overheating

If your schedule or budget demands require a different scope, NEC can create a customized program for those needs. For more information about NEC’s I&T services contact Howard Moudy at 724-787-4967 or [email protected].


Number One Alternative to Aftermarket Steam Turbine Replacement Parts

Orbital Tool Technologies

OTT is the number one alternative to aftermarket steam turbine replacement parts. Some of the parts OTT manufactures and stocks include stems, studs, nuts, bushings, discs, seats, pressure seal heads, and screens—just to name a few. OTT provides specialty upgrade parts packages to extend valve operation eliminating costly disassembly and cleaning time due to blue blush and scale buildup. Because of ongoing budget cuts, and better turbine upgrades; the time between outages continues to increase. Even still, plants are forced into emergency outages due to inefficient valve operation or failure. OTT has undergone extensive research and has developed proven methods allowing us to increase the operation and life of your valves and minimize downtime.  OTT has found materials that out perform all others while exhibiting the least amount of wear and resistance to blue blush.  To date OTT has these upgrade packages in many types of valve across the US in units ranging from 125MW to 800MW.


PGC Secures Third Major Military Marine Order

Philadelphia Gear Corporation
PGC received the advanced authorization purchase order for the main reduction gear for LHA-7, the second in the series of the U.S. Navy’s America Class large-deck amphibious assault vessels.  Valued at $28.5 million, it stands as the second largest single order in the history of Philadelphia Gear.

When completed, the ship will measure 844 feet long x 106 feet wide, have a total displacement of 44,854 tons, and accommodate a crew of 1200. The vessel will feature an extended hangar deck and bay areas with upgraded aviation fuel capacity. The LHA-7 will be outfitted to include operational capabilities for aircraft such as the vertical lift MV-22 Osprey, cargo and attack helicopters and a short take-off vertical landing version of the F-35B Lightening II Strike Fighter.

Spearheading the effort for PGC is Craig Danecki, LHA marine program manager, who lead the sales effort to earn the trust of the U.S. Navy and develop a winning specification.  He will also lead the execution team until the order has been finished.

The LHA-7 will be assembled in Philadelphia Gear’s Santa Fe Springs facility where the building of an LHA/LPD test area is now in the design stage and will begin construction shortly.

“Today we provide aftermarket services for a legacy of gearboxes at plants and on ships operating around the world that were sold and installed by PGC people several decades ago,” said Carl Rapp, president of Philadelphia Gear.  The LHA-7 vessel, with an estimated lifecycle of over 40 years, gives our current generation the opportunity to leave an indelible mark on the history of the company and to provide sustainable work well into the year 2050.  I am very proud that we will all be part of creating something that is both lasting and important for future generations of Navy and PGC personnel.”


POWER Engineers, Inc.
POWER Engineers, Inc. (POWER), a leading consulting engineering firm, is pleased to provide recent and direct experience mitigating and converting ash ponds. POWER’s team provides innovative client solutions related to permitting, conceptual and detailed system design, cost estimating, and complex project execution.

“We’re excited to be bringing this experience and knowledge to coal plant owners and operators,” stated Randy Shepler, Director of Material Handling. Shepler has spent his career in the bulk solids handling industry—specifically in the handling of coal and coal ash process handling systems.

In addition, POWER has developed long-term relationships with those vendors and contractors that provide the equipment and services needed for converting ash ponds. From permitting to system startup and all the design challenges in between, POWER’s team has met the challenges of scoping and designing these very intense projects both as an owner’s engineer and EPC partner. For more information, go to

About POWER Engineers
POWER Engineers is a consulting engineering firm specializing in energy, facilities, communications, and environmental services. Founded in 1976, POWER Engineers is an employee-owned company with offices throughout the United States and abroad.


Introducing a New Scaffold Product

Randall Industries
Randall Industries, the sole North American importer and distributor of Genex Fiberglass Scaffolds, announces the introduction of a new scaffold product that is intended for working on live circuits.  Genex developed this product with input from Terna, the primary owner and operator of the Italian power grid.  This insulating scaffold, made from a special foam-filled, woven fiberglass tube, is completely compatible with the rest of the Genex Uni-Tec Scaffold line.  The foam is a special polyurethane.  These tubes comply with IEC 855 standards.

The Genex scaffold line is available in different frame widths and platform lengths.  Frames are available in 29” or 54” widths.  Platforms are available in 6’ or 8’ lengths.  These Scaffold stands and towers can be configured in countless ways to fit the needs of your particular job.  This scaffold system assembles quickly and easily without the use of tools.  Please visit us at the Electric Power Conference and Exhibition at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center on May 10 -12.  We will be in booth #2127.

For more information contact Bill Skoda at Randall Industries.  1-800-966-7412  x228  Or, go to .

Nozzle Tips Are Hot

R-V Industries, Inc.
To further enhance their position as a leading equipment suppler in the fossil power replacement parts markets, R-V Industries, Inc. of Honey Brook, PA, engineers have released another performance enhancing and cost saving OEM replacement upgrade.

By drawing from their 35+ years of experience in fabricating tens of thousands of fossil power replacements components for major electric utilities R-V has developed a proprietary self cooling nozzle tip for tangentially fired units. The Thermal Guard TM Nozzle tip extends the performance life of tangentially fired fossil power plants by drastically reducing thermal distortion of the plate work. The reduction of distortion allows for better control of combustion for a longer period of time.

Thermal Guard TM Nozzle design creates a thermal radiation barrier by capturing the auxiliary air, used in the combustion process, and directing it across the top and bottom of the exposed nozzle tip. This creates an air barrier across the body of the nozzle which drastically reduces temperature exposure from the boiler. The coal nozzle will have a greater service life guarded from thermal distortion.

R-V’s Thermal Guard TM Series coal nozzle tips have other value engineering built in; Contoured corners reduce buildup of coal and slag. Shielded corner welds are protected from direct boiler radiation. Inner annuluses are solidly welded for rigidity. Various erosion protections are available.

R-V’s Thermal Guard TM Series design is also available for tangential oil and gas fired power plants, air nozzles, and over fired air nozzles. Reduce maintenance outages by extending the service life your nozzles.

R-V’s diversification in major industries and their focus on “superior products and service at a competitive price” has enabled them to remain stable despite the poor economy.  R-V’s business model, quality and employee work ethic have helped them develop into a trusted partner for numerous Fortune 500 companies. It has also enabled them to earn awards for multi-million dollar projects over competitors who are much larger.

R-V, a supplier of industrial processing equipment and systems, provides companies around the world with a high quality products and services. R-V specializes in the bio/pharma/research, food & beverage, fossil power, nuclear, oil and gas, chemical, and paper industries. You can learn more about the company by visiting their website, For more information, contact:

Rob Hamm
Marketing Director
610 – 273 – 2457 Ext. 229
[email protected]     


QuikDeck™ Suspended Access System Awarded Patent

Safway Services, LLC
Safway Services, LLC announcesthe award of a patent for its QuikDeck™ Suspended Access System, a modular platform system that can be built safely in the air and configured to fit almost any shape or size.

“QuikDeck has become a popular access solution because customers realize the significant reduction in material costs, savings in shipping and the reduced erection and dismantle time,” Jerry Dolly, Bridge Division Manager, said. “QuikDeck can also be used in conjunction with a number of Safway’s other scaffolding products, allowing workers to reach a number of access-points at the same time for maximum efficiency.”

QuikDeck was invented to provide easy access where ground-based systems are not possible or practical. Because of its versatility, QuikDeck is effectively used on bridges, in shipyards, in boilers, on offshore rigs and platforms, in atriums and as temporary stages and walkways and in many other industrial applications.

With a load capacity of more than 75 pounds per square foot, QuikDeck has the capability to handlealmost all project requirements, and its flat work surface provides for a safer jobsite.QuikDeck also meets or exceeds federal safety and health requirements and meets OSHA requirements under 29 CPR 1926.

For more information or details about QuikDeck applications, visit or

About Safway Services
Founded in 1936, Safway Services, LLC is headquartered in Waukesha, Wis. Approximately85 branch locations throughout the U.S. and Canada provide scaffolding products, access solutions and services to our customers. Safway offers sales, rental, labor, training, engineering, design, project management and computerized inventory management. The company provides expertise in access solutions formajor markets, including: commercial, petrochemical, power, bridge and special events. Our full line of products is designed to provide access to any project. For additional information, visit

New Revolutionary Technology Just Developed By SAS Global Corporation

SAS Global Corporation
• Increase Mill Performance
• Reduce Mill Component Wear
• Increase Primary Classification
• Reduce Mill Motor Amps
• Reduce Mill DP
• Faster Mill Response Time

Sensear’s IS Smart Muff

Sensear’s Smart Communication and Hearing Protection devices are powered by the ground breakingSENS™ (Speech Enhancement, Noise Suppression) technology that simultaneously isolates and enhance speech while suppressing damaging background noise.

Sensear recently launched the IS Smart Muff, a total communication solution in hazardous environments where Intrinsically Safe certifications are required.

Sensear’s IS Smart Muff offers a high noise communication solution by enabling users to communicate face to face, short range (50 meters) and via connection to two-way radio and Bluetooth cell phone. Because Sensear devices reduce background noise to a safe level, users can easily and safely communicate.

Contact Us: Sensear
197-199 Great Eastern Highway, Belmont, WA, 6220
T: +61 (0)8 9277 7332 or 1300 859 120
E: [email protected]

Low Smoke Zero Halogen Tube Cables

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave
Sumitomo Electric Lightwave expands its revolutionary and environmentally green FutureFLEX Air-blown Fiber System’s product line to include new TCxxMTX low smoke zero halogen tube cables (NFPA130, IEEE1202, FT4 / IEEE1202, ANSI/UL1685 compliant) designed for use as an optical fiber cabling infrastructure for the power and energy industries.  These new tube cables join the FutureFLEX Air-blown Fiber System’s vast product line of riser, plenum, outside plant, and indoor/outdoor tube cables through which optical fiber is blown safely at speeds of up to 150 feet per minute for fiber installations, quick and easy upgrades, expansions, and any network moves, adds, and changes.

Unlike traditional fiber systems that require large crews to pull optical cable, causing disruption to energy and power facilities, Air-Blown Fiber requires only two installers to blow optical fiber when and where needed throughout the local area network on an as needed basis, saving 70 to 90% of the time and labor costs, while resolving the safety, disruption, and network downtime concerns, associated with traditional optical cabling systems. 

Visit us at Booth #1645 at the Electric Power Show to see a live demonstration of Air-Blown Fiber technology that has been adopted by Con Edison, ConocoPhillips, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) plus many more. Call 877-356-3539 or visit



Tiger-Vac, Inc.
Legally certified explosion proof/dust ignition proof electrically operated vacuum cleaner in 120 Volt 9
amps with cyclonic vacuuming . Unlike most vacuum cleaners with cloth filters that need to be washed,
this model contains a 40 square foot conductive spun bond polyester filter cartridge with PTFE membrane
with a 99.95% efficiency on .5 micron. It’s unique (MRP / manual reverse purge) easily dislodges particles
that cling onto the filter media by simply opening the purge valve to allow air to flow inside the filter and
blast off even hygroscopic particles.

Leading Distributor to the International Power Industry

Tioga Pipe Supply Company Inc
Tioga Nuclear Products has been a leading distributor to the international power industry since 1982. Our unique solutions include
a full complement of nuclear qualified materials: pipe, tubing, fittings, flanges, plate, sheet, fasteners, structural shapes, forgings, bar and
wire. Fully audited by ASME, NUPIC and NIAC, our certification capabilities include:

» ASME Section III /NCA 3800 Program
» 10 CFR 50 Appendix B
» 10 CFR Part 21
» N45.2
» CAN3-Z299 Series
» ISO 9001-2008
» MIL-I-45208A Level 1

Leading Full Service Contracting and Fabricating Companies in the Power Industry

Titan Contracting
Horn is the Parent company of Titan Contracting, Titan Fabricating, National Steel Erection, MIM and Milco Companies. We are one of the leading full service contracting and fabricating companies in the Power Industry.  Our Services include New Construction, Existing Plant Modifications and Repair and Maintenance. You can learn more about our companies by visiting our website at

Our Specialties include Power and Process Piping, Turbine and HRSG Installations, Tank Fabrication (Shop and Field), Environmental Retrofit, Maintenance, and Balance of Plant Installations. We are committed to Safety, Quality, Rapid Response, Project Controls, Superior Site Management, and a National Workforce.

Only Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of the TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR (TP) in North, Central and South America

Transformer Protector Corp (TPC)
Transformer Protector Corp (TPC) is the only Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of the TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR (TP) in North, Central and South America. The TP eliminates the incidence of transformer tank explosions by means of high level mechanical techniques that can be applied to all new or existing oil-filled transformers from 0.1 MVA to over 1,000 MVA.

During a transformer short-circuit, the TP is activated within milliseconds by the first dynamic pressure peak of the shock wave generated by the electrical fault, avoiding transformer explosions before the static pressure increases.

The TP is the only tested and proven solution to prevent Transformer Explosions and Fires. As a result, the TP is recommended by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) FOR ALL Power Plants and Substations under Civil Codes Edition 2010:
 NFPA 850 (Recommended Practice for Fire Protection for Electric Generating Plants and High Voltage Direct Current Converter Stations);
 NFPA 851 (Recommended Practice for Fire Protection for Hydroelectric Generating Plants).

As of now, 1,600 TP’s have been sold to electricity companies for Generation, Transmission and Distribution, as well as for all industries and public areas such as hospitals, schools, and airports.



Unimar, Inc.
Unimar is the first to offer an LED FAA Certified obstruction lighting solution for the structures that support power lines spanning rivers or valleys.  The DCLS and WCLS series of LED Medium Intensity Catenary Lighting Systems are certified to FAA AC 150/5345-43F. 

GPS technology from a single controller is used to synchronize the flashing of multiple lights on multiple structures.  This advanced system provides energy and maintenance cost savings along with increased safety when compared to older technology Xenon systems.  

The low power consumption also allows for reduced cable size requirements.  Additional advantages of the system include little or no maintenance over the expected 10-year lifetime of the Flash Head and community friendly optics that eliminate ground scatter light.


MANAGING YOUR PROJECT PORTFOLIO: Optimizing Investments Through A Managed Process

William W. Rutherford & Associates
At William W. Rutherford & Associates, our Project Portfolio Management is a process whereby new projects are evaluated against the existing portfolio for fit as part of the company’s project development and investment process.  Projects are assessed both for financial impact as well as alignment with corporate objectives and resource limits. 

Checking a new project’s fit for financial merits and alignment to the company objectives will quickly show if the opportunity enhances the existing portfolio, provides balance against the established direction, or is instead an outlier that doesn’t really fit with the direction of the company.  Because this process is transparent, the organization can see the merits or shortcomings of the projects against the goals of the organization.  This eliminates potential posturing by business leads to champion their own projects, and brings the organization toward a common investment viewpoint. 

Many organizations limit portfolio analysis to the occasional checkup and balancing efforts of the annual planning process.  Incorporating a formal Portfolio Management process will provide a means both to evaluate new projects as well as balancing the entire project portfolio against financial goals and corporate objectives.  Finally, used as the routine method for managing your company’s investments, Portfolio Management will increase your financial return, align the organization around the investment direction, and make the entire process of project evaluation and approval more efficient and effective. 

If you would like to more learn more about Portfolio Management or to schedule a meeting, please contact Steve or Mike per the contact information below.