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How Utilities Are Planning for Extreme Weather Events and Mitigating Risks

Interview with Michael Levy, U.S. Networks lead and Global Head of Asset Resilience at Baringa.


Community Solar Projects Bring Renewable Energy to the Masses

Interview with Nate Owen, CEO and founder of Ampion.


Improving Nuclear Plant Construction Processes: How to Build Projects More Efficiently

Interview with Todd Zabelle, a 30-plus-year veteran of the construction industry and author of the book Built to Fail: Why Construction Projects Take So Long, Cost Too Much, and How to Fix It.


Hydrogen: ‘The Swiss Army Knife of Decarbonization’

Interview with Robin Millican, senior director of U.S. Policy and Advocacy at Breakthrough Energy.


PGE Leans into an All-of-the-Above Strategy to Decarbonize Its Power System

Interview with Kristen Sheeran, senior director of sustainability, strategy, and resources planning at Portland General Electric (PGE), and Brett Greene, PGE’s senior director of clean energy origination and structuring.


A Boiler for Any Occasion

Interview with Gerardo Lara, vice president of Fired Boiler Sales with Rentech, and Jon Backlund, senior sales engineer with Rentech.


Microgrids a Win for Both Owners and Grid Operators

Interview with Nick Tumilowicz, director of Product Management for Distributed Energy Management with Itron.


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