June 24, 2013- Grambach, Austria – Austria-based VTU Energy (VTU) announced a strategic alliance with Canadian company ThermoGen Power Services Inc. (TGPS) to become effective as of this date. TGPS officials met with VTU officials to sign this alliance that will increase the current portfolio of power plant performance solutions for both companies.

This alliance will create synergies between both companies to combine superior on-site field measuring expertise with state-of-the-art modeling services to measure, diagnose and monitor power plant performance around the world.

Both companies expect the value provided to its customers to increase by uniting in-depth performance evaluation services using high-precision power plant performance testing equipment with expert plant modeling services and monitoring software solutions. In addition, both companies are looking to pursue new markets for a total power plant performance solution that generates accurate real-time power plant performance information to help plant operators in the decision making process and increase the overall thermal efficiency of their power plants.

VTU Energy is part of the VTU Holding group which was founded in 1990 in Graz, Austria, as an engineering office for process and environmental technology. The Group currently counts around 280 highly qualified employees with subsidiaries in Austria (Grambach, Vienna, Linz, Kundl), Germany (Hattersheim/Frankfurt, Penzberg, Braunschweig, Rheinbach, Burghausen), Italy (Bolzano, Mirano), Switzerland (Riehen, Steinhausen) and Romania (Bucharest).  VTU Energy concentrates on consultancy and software systems for the power industry and combines within its team more than 100 man-years of experience in thermodynamic modeling of power plants.

ThermoGen Power Services is a power plant performance services company based in Montreal, Canada that is experiencing fast growth in emerging markets such as South America and Middle East. The company provides field performance evaluation services for power plant operators and EPC contractors. The services comply with multiple ASME, IEC and ISO protocols to accurately test the current performance levels of power plants globally.

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Julie Bordeaux