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Versatile New Lincoln Model 1154 Dual-Piston Grease Gun Simplifies Lubrication with Integrated High-Pressure and High-Volume Delivery Modes

Latest Lincoln grease gun model is now available in North America; coming soon to the rest of the world

LANSDALE, PENNSYLVANIA, January 6, 2022 – SKF, a leading global supplier of bearings, sealing solutions, lubrication management, condition monitoring systems, and services, launched a new tool within its Tools and Equipment product linethat simplifies the critical task of lubrication. The Lincoln dual-piston lever-action grease gun (Model 1154) features a thumb-operated switch that allows users to toggle between high-volume and high-pressure lubricant application modes. This makes it easier for technicians working on a wide range of equipment to quickly adjust the tool to match changing lubrication requirements as they work.

“Lubrication jobs are nearly effortless with the uniquely versatile design of the 1154,” says Keith Rohan, product manager at SKF. “It handles a variety of applications and speeds up working times.”

The grease gun is particularly well-suited for farm and construction equipment applications, which require reliable, durable tools that work well in rough outdoor working environments as well as in-vehicle repair facilities and garages, and often feature many different high-pressure and high-volume lubrication points. Operators can adjust the grease gun’s mode with just the press of a switch.

For high-volume applications, the Model 1154 requires just one-third the number of strokes, compared to standard grease guns, to apply the same amount of lubricant. The high-volume position allows efficient greasing of all lubrication points with fewer strokes. Large joints, bushings, and bearings can be filled quickly. It is also excellent for lubricating large surface areas such as fifth wheels, chains, and conveyors.

If high pressure is needed, such as when a fitting is blocked, it can be difficult for an operator to clear, but in Model 1154’s standard output, pressure position, the tool can more easily open the fitting without an operator having to apply excessive force. The pressure position has a standard grease output of 34 strokes/oz and develops 10,000 psi for use whenever high-pressure requirements are needed – such as track adjusters, clogged fittings, and high-tolerance locations.

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