Van Beest expands the range of Green Pin® ROV shackles with the introduction of:
Green Pin® ROV Release and Retrieve shackles with tapered pin.

These shackles are available with two types of handles; a Fishtail-handle or D-handle. Green Pin® ROV shackles have handles that can be manipulated easily by a hydraulically operated ROV arm, without compromising safety. The tapered ending of the pin makes it possible to easily assemble the shackle underwater.

What makes this shackle unique:

1. Shackle body painted white, handles painted orange for excellent visibility under water
2. Interchangeable handles, select the handle that best suits your needs
3. Handles are firmly attached to the pin head with bolts and Nord-Lock® rings
4. Groove for wire rope in pin head to attach pin to shackle body
5. Thread completely chambered to protect your sling
6. Suitable for both inline- and side loading (for side loads the same reduction factors apply as for standard Green Pin® shackles)

The complete range from WLL 6.5t up to and including 55t can be supplied directly from stock. Please find herewith the latest Van Beest product information including details of these new types.  For more information please contact us:

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